(jb) #2

I’ll give our maroon-clad neighbors some credit – this as close to a home run of a coaching search and hire as you can get. I don’t think it’ll take him too long to establish recruiting ties in Texas. Definitely makes the recruiting arms race more interesting for years to come.


SEC West is stout. Hope it works out for them or they are going to be paying $$$ on that buyout.


$80 million/10 years.

(Greg Wirthmann) #5

It reminds me of when they hired Jackie Sherrill in the early 80s.


I DO NOT “hope it works out for them”! I hope just the opposite!


They better hope it works with that enormous deal. Not sure if Jimbo is that great of a coach.


He has been trending down since losing Jameis

(br5exg) #9

Absolutely not!

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SEC West a tough road but Ole Miss getting slammed by NCAA today & Ark looking down for short term makes his task easier.


Crazy money!!!



(Eric Prado) #13

As much as watching atm hire a terrible coach makes me happy, watching the player reaction is always sad regardless of whichever teams are involved. I hope it motivates them to do better without JF.

(Eric Prado) #14


Aggies sure know how to ruin your season (not that Florida State is doing great), couldn’t wait to make the announcement after Saturday


10 years? What do you guys think should be the over/under on how many years he coaches there? I’m guessing around 5. He will basically check out in the 4th season since he has so much money in the bank and is tired of the stress of trying to beat Alabama/LSU/Auburn and dealing with rednecks yelling at him all the time.

Just amazing that they were willing to put up so much money to get him. He almost had no reason to leave Florida St, but I guess an extra $30-40 million guaranteed will do the trick.

(Eric Prado) #17

Under. atm won’t have the patience to wait 5 or more years. And he won’t have as big of a recruiting edge as he did in Florida.

(zx504) #18

NCAA has to step in.
This has gotten ridiculous.
Coaches should have to finish their regular season before they take another job.
Slippery slope.
Dec 20 - early signing period is to blame.
Next year we will see P5 coaches fired before regular season ends so they can begin poaching the AAC hot coaches before their season ends so they can get a jump on early signing period.
Very bad for college football.

(jb) #19

Reminds me of Ed Oliver’s “why you gotta lie to us coach?” tweet that got deleted last year. I really do feel for the student-athletes here.

(PMM) #20

What is actually guaranteed ?

That he will perform like an aggie😎