John O’Korn: I’m the most NFL-ready quarterback in the draft


John O’Korn: I’m the most NFL-ready quarterback in the draft

Kyle Allen is more ready than O’Korn

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Can’t blame the kid for trying. He’s wrong, but I don’t blame him for trying.


Dude smoking some good synthetic weed!!!


Why not just say he is the next Tom Brady.
I remember him running through players in his High School highlights, never happened in college.

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I think you sum it up perfectly.

After seeing this, I can’t defend him anymore. He’s a nice guy and all and I felt bad for him when others were picking on him but now he just went off the deep end.


I felt sorry for him too until he started trash talking our basketball team after we lost to Michigan.

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Any empathy I had for him is gone. He’s nothijng but a punk. Through and through.

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cocaine is a hell of a drug


Now we know who’s the pot smoker, he left out the backup part if that

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Good luck. We’re all counting on you, John.

I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley.

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Was it an April fool’s article that was leakef/published too soon? LOL

The only pro game he may be ready to play would be Madden 19.

He is so interception prone if he passed me a game controller it too would get intercepted.

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He’s right, he’s exactly the kind of guy Bill O’Brien goes for

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What a JOKE!!!


O’Korn is now delusional! I used to LOVE the guy and thought that Coach Levine wasn’t giving him a fair-shake…but now…!!!


And he might get paid 72 million dollars because of his height, not his ability…shoot if Osweiller can…why can’t O’Korn…(smh)…


He is a legend in his own mind, lol.


Shirley, er…Mr. Timmy Chan…!