Kelvin Sampson versus Dana Holgorsen

This man better get a damn statue here.

If you want to look at what real coaching looks like, look no further. I never feel we are out of a game or will be out coached. Numerous times we’ve gone into half with a pretty sizeable deficit. Only to make halftime adjustments and come out and win the damn game. Why can’t Dana do this?

November 25th, folks. Support your basketball program.

Also, it’s laughable that Dana is getting paid more than Kelvin. It just is.



Damn Dana. Now I see why you never beat Oklahoma

I haven’t been all that impressed with CDH thus far. Not giving up on him but definitely expected better at this point.

My complaint against Dana from the beginning is the personnel decisions and undisciplined football. He hasn’t alleviated my concerns.

No doubt Dana will make sure we are consistently bowl eligible and competitive in the long term, but he is not a championship coach in my opinion. This team suffers from the same flaws as his WVU teams.

What’s really starting to worry me are these 2nd half collapses. I thought it would get better with all the talent we have this year. BYU scored 29 in the second half…

This is the truth. KS has a winning formula, and just implements discipline and fundamentals of the sport and makes sure his guys are locked in and on the same page.

You cannot have a kid fair catch the ball at the 1

Or a player head butt the opponent

Or an onside kick

Or any of the many many mistakes that were not about talent or depth or the opponent hurting you just you fielding a train wreck of a team


If Kelvin was coaching the football team, would Bryson Smith or Kyle Porter ever see the field again in this game?

I’ll never forget him benching Rob Gray for a couple of games. For his attitude. Drove me insane. Made Rob a better player because of it.

I think it comes down to what you’re able to do with the sum of your parts. Sampson makes the team better than his individual parts, and he has some great parts.

Dana has great parts - Tune’s development, improved defense, better blocking scheme… but he doesn’t achieve a increased synergy due to the lack of discipline to the small things, the attention to the details.

The point of this thread is to appreciate the man we have at the helm for our basketball program.

He literally had nothing when he got here. No Guy V. Lewis practice facility. No Fertitta Center. House and Thomas jump ship.

He’s won 2 straight conference titles. And would have just taken us to three straight NCAA tourneys if it weren’t for COVID.

And has us, again, as one of the favorites in the conference. Give this man his flowers while he is still here with us.


We’re a basketball :basketball: school no doubt

Take out Kelvin’s first season. He’s 125-40 here. A 76% winning percentage. Just absolutely unreal. Considering where we were. That’s a real coach. Who goes out and “wins the fu****g game”.


Kelvin Sampson is a hall of famer, too


CKS now is UH Royalty, no doubt there. But let’s pump the brakes just a little bit on the comparison with CDH. CKS had a year 0 losing record like CDH. From there CKS had several years of wins but we didn’t went enough, went to the NIT and got bounced in the 1st round of it. Twice.
There was a time we were like are we ever gonna make this dumb big dance tournament again or what? Last 3 seasons we have taken off and yes we’re a basketball school I love it. Let’s give CDH the same long rope see what we can do.

Tonight’s score is not indicative of how close this game was. We played well overall. On to the next game. Anyone who thought we were going undefeated this year uh, yeah.


We are hitched to Dana for a long time, no way around that. Holgo will get his time, but Sampson never allowed for this lack of discipline, even losing.

Holgy doesn’t deserve the rope we gave Sampson. Did you go to a UH basketball game in year 1? Or Year 2? My wife and I sometimes had entire sections to ourselves. In rundown Hofheinz. We were literally in the basement when Kelvin got here.

And he wasn’t making $4M a year in those first few years. Almost lost him because we were fooling around with his money. It’s time to see results from our $4M guy. Not 29-6 beat downs in the second half of games. For the second straight year. Even with Sampson’s worst teams, that didn’t happen consistently.


I think we should define the metrics. What matters? Raw number of wins? Conference championships? National championships? If the latter (which I hope the university aspires to) what has KS achieved that DH hasn’t?

Conference championships and tourney births/bowl wins. It is harder to make the tourney than to qualify for a bowl.

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LMAO? You serious? Really moving the goal posts there.

Not defending one over the other. Just saying what’s the ultimate definition of success that we as a fanbase accept?

Winning games. Lol. Which Sampson is pretty good at doing here. Let’s not forget the two conference championships. Sweet 16 run. With the best yet to come.

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