Why didn’t they run a wild cat package with King? Why not do sonething, at all, that is a little creative that Tech would not have film on?


King is complete QB. Not a wildcat QB.


100% agree with this assessment. King should start. If Applewhite does this he will save his job unlike Levine.


Even if King was the type of player you would use in the Wildcat, I’m not sure our o-line are up to that task.

He is a full in qb not a wildcat qb.

There is a problem that will hopefully be correct next season. This O badly misses Ayers and his play making ability. WR Stevenson was going to replace Ayers but is injured and out for the season. Last year UH missed Ayers but it had Ward who had to play injured.

So King is the closest player on O to give UH a threat like Ayers did.
Postma is no King or Ward but he gives us a dual threat better than O’Korn/Allen while still having an offensive WR threat in King.

D’s are using an umbrella D on RPO teams and the good ones will slow them down. See OU vs OSU game. I also would like to see Johnson get some plays at WR just to give the D’s something to think about. One deep catch by him will help the O, even a miss will set up a pass later in the game to King underneath.

This week we will see if we have another Levine/Bush or we have coaches who want to win and give their players life lessons.

If we have Allen for SMU I predict losses to SMU/Memphis and probably Navy. What will be worse will be the losses in this years attendance/revenue and in 2018 season tickets.

Interesting thing happened in the 4th quarter before Postma was finally put in. Score was 27-10, earily like it was in the 4th quarter in the UTSA game (27-7) when we opened TDECU. For those who think UTSA was a given win this year, well their D gave up 7 points to Baylor in Waco. Yeah Baylor almost beat Oklahoma last night, but according to a Baylor fan in church, they benched their 4-5 star transfer QB for someone else.

Sounds like what many here are asking for.


We are all disappointed but I won’t make a negative judgment if he can nor can’t run the offense. Our OL is getting older and is more experienced. I have no doubt that he is up to the task. Allen does not make an offense. Allen did not adapt to the offense…no yet. Every game is like a chapter friends. Yesterday is behind us now ticket sales are going to be important for the program. We gotta keep the faith.


So, are you saying it takes 22 hands? :wink:


11 hands when King plays
11 hands when Postma plays
11 hands when Allen plays
Is that 33 hands?

Tell ya what…he looked pretty damned good as a receiver…he may be more valuable for us in that role than as a QB.

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So does Greg Ward.

I think you mean Gary


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Oh God, that sounds like coach speak for get prepared for more Kyle Allen

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Which is okay if they change the offensive system, and this would be the week to do it.

Edit: That isn’t to say that I am excited to see someone that is turnover prone.

Ok agreed on adjusting the system. However, my worry is that this staff has shown a disturbing propensity for not adjusting I guess that’s what makes the coach speak so worrying.


I don’t know that changing the system is possible with our current personnel. As someone said on another thread, our receivers are good in their own ways, but none of them are great at getting separation. King may be the exception here, but he’s just one guy. The way to change the system to fit the current personnel is to move the QB around, get him outside the pocket, pray that the defense sees the QB as a threat to take off, then find open receivers when the DBs get their eyes in the backfield. We don’t have the receivers for Allen to be a pure pocket passer and, so far this year, he is zero threat to run. If we’re going to change the system to fit Allen, then we need to go grab some guys off the track team and hope we can teach them to catch. If not, we need to get King or Postma behind center. Preferably King for me, but either one would be better in this system than Allen.

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Kyle Allen would’ve won that game if he didn’t throw back across his body to the middle of the field on numerous occasions including two INTs if I remember correctly. There were a number of other execution errors also; we should not have had a chance for a miracle at the end but I’m glad that we did…

This loss is on the coaches. They put Allen in there and did not pull him until it was too late. We waited much too long in replacing Allen. Postma had 2 possessions and scored TD’s on both! Applewhite needs to give Postma more credit!


Not to rag on KP because he brought a needed spark, but he too almost turned the ball over twice. He threw an out that got jumped, and had a tipped pass almost picked off as well.

This definitely has the feeling of o’Korn v Ward choice. I’d like to see what King has assuming he is certainly healthy – he certainly didn’t shy away from hits on Saturday so I hope he is good.

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