Kliff Kingsbury New Head Coach


Tells me Texas Tech will never win anything because not enough good players want to go to Lubbock at the same time.


I hope Kliff does well. Why? Because you know Vermin is watching him.

(Al) #43

Understand he was seen at the coaches convention in San Antonio…:sunglasses:


Maybe he’ll bring Johnny Manzel out of East Canada football .Mike Sherman is HC…(TAMU HC and recuited him)… Montreal Alouettes…???


That boi is about to draft Kyler Murray #1

(Thomas) #46

Man, I feel really bad for Helton out there at USC…NOT!!!

(Chris) #47

The N.F.L. is in transition. Very few predicted that Payton’s offense would win anything. In the last few years you have seen the arrival or re-introduction of different spread offenses. McVay success made a huge impact. The Chiefs offense is the latest. At the same time you have other franchises that have 90’s styles offenses that are easily defendable. The Cardinals last year were a prime example of it. M. McCoy did not survive the season. Denver’s Musgrave is another. Kingsbury was a back up QB so he has a better knowledge of the NFL defenses that some might think.
The Cardinals have the first pick to shore up their OL & find a replacement for the honey badger. Will Rosen be able to sustain the “offensive load” that his new Coach wants? That is a huge question for a QB that had concussions issues at UCLA. Furthermore the Cardinals play in a “pass happy” NFC West. Kiem their G.M. now has a ticket sales issue. Kliff’s hire is his last chance to save his job.


Man… D’Eriq King :crown: has a shot at the NFL no doubt, now.

(Bryant Hargrave) #49

This was all prompted by the rules that shamelessly favor receivers and QB’s. Payton and others saw this and have made the most of it. Good on them, you know. No way Payton and co. and similar offenses thrive like they have for as long as they have back when the game was more physical.

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MrJoshua bringing cold, hard truth to the discussion.


NFL is heading in a different direction with coaching. The reshuffling of HC from one team to another isn’t working for many of the franchises. The NFL is looking to the collegiate ranks to make their mark. It’s the Sean McVay influence and NFL franchises are looking for the next McVay to compliment the new generation of QB, who are mobile and elusive; who can run the ball and pass with accuracy for short or long yardage. It’s an exciting time for young coaching talents making their mark in the NFL.