Kyle Allen: 31-33, 316 yards

This is a VERY interesting stat to me.
First, that is almost 10 yards per attempt, which is awesome.
Second, it is a little more than 10 yards per completing, which is okay.

Two incompletions is a not only showing that the QB is putting it on the mark, but also that the WR are catching the ball.

But it also speaks to how safe the routes are and how few shots we take down the field (I remember one, and it was a nice grab by the WR in man coverage).

The number of bubble screens are still very annoying, but that is play calling. That is not on the QB.

Anyway, nice win. Hope it continues versus TT.

I’m sort of amazed that he was able to set that record considering the QBs we’ve had.

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great job by Allen. He may be the best pure passer we have ever had. My concern with the offense is that we do not appear to have a break away threat in the receiver or running back.

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Speed at the skill positions is an issue. I thought about it on the play where the receiver caught the pass in the middle of the field and broke it into the clear only to be chased down within 10 yards. I kept thinking: Avery, alridge, Marshall or Carrier would have been standing in the EZ.

This team will have to play mistake free on offense because we are not going to get a ton of explosive plays for TDs…like last year.

remember king didn’t play last week, he has break away speed, hope we see him in the slot this week

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I don’t think we’re going to need explosive plays to beat Tech, or even any conference foes this year. If Allen can continue to surgically pick apart defenses, 10 yards per catch will be plenty to defeat the teams on our schedule who play little to no defense. And as it was pointed out on another thread, systematically marching down the field tires opposing defenses out. Even without blazing speed, our WRs will easily find open spaces against Tech and they all have the hands and body control to get us first downs on a regular basis.

I was super impressed with Kyle’s ability to get outside the pocket and hit WRs in stride while throwing across this body on the move. Sure it was against Rice, but throwing accurately across your body while moving is difficult to do with no defenders out there. Assuming he plays 4 quarters against Tech, I think Kyle once again completes better than 75% of his passes and throws for more than 400 yards this weekend. If we take care of the ball and win the turnover margin, I’m picking us to win by 2 TDs.


That was Bonner, as I recall. I love him, but speed ain’t his thing. Corbin, Lark, or as some have said, King would have scored. On, King, I remember CMA saying during a preseason presser that UH would have a ‘package’ for King because he is too talented to be left on the bench. Agree. But it makes me wonder if, when we do see him, if it will be in a traditional WR role.

One of the incompletions was a drop by Brooker.

Very impressed with Allen’s accuracy on the run.


This team will need break away speed if it falls behind on the scoreboard.

Only if we’re down big late in the game. If that happens, turnovers were the problem, not lack of speed.


I honestly don’t mind all the bubble screens/horizontal passes this game. We haven’t opened up our playbook which makes us unpredictable for TT. I expect more creativity next game, but some vanilla play calling as well. It’s important for us to score a lot next week, but also control time of possession. If we have a huge lead going into halftime, expect a lot of plain and running plays in the second half. Leave it up to the defense to close out the game. I would expect a Lousiville like play calling if things go as I stated.

And to speak on the main topic of this thread, imagine if we opened our playbook and kept Kyle Allen in the whole game. 300+ yards in 2.5 quarters on very passive play calling?! He would’ve had 600+ if we really cut it loose!

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By multiple scores, maybe. This team needs to keep doing what’s doing to win football games. Again, we keep undervaluing what we have; speed is nothing with out technique and football IQ. Are Bonner,Dunbar, and Corbin(speed guy) moving the sticks? Is the offensive line getting good push? Is the defense giving up a ton of points? We have a formula to win. That’s better than a lot of teams.

Yup, and they had to open theirs up against Arizona State. I bet our coaches found some tendencies to expose.

Go Coogs!

Doesn’t that also mean we haven’t tried those plays at game speed? Didn’t CMA say you use the plays that work in practice and don’t know if they’ll work during games? If we’re hiding our plays, then we don’t know if they work during games. I’d rather know we have plays that work in games, not just practice

I believe our recievers have enough previous experience to keep our plays hidden. It’s up to Allen to deliver the throws in rhythm for some RAC yardage. Let’s also be honest here, Techs defense isn’t the greatest either. While I won’t say we will light up their defense, they gave up almost 500 yards to ASU and 300 to Eastern Washington (a FCS school).

Expect a lot of back shoulder passes. These are nearly impossible to defend 1 on 1 and we tend to be really good at them. These plays make up for the lack of speed and give us plays for a decent amount of yardage.

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That and the fact that not any pair of DB’s for the past 2 years have been able to consistently press Bonner and Dunbar at the line. It’s remarkable how good they really are.

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Eastern Washington is usually a VERY good and productive, high flying offense for an FCS team. Holding them to 300 yards is no small deal. Kind of like holding Sam Houston to 300 yards.

10 yards per attempt is great. 10 yards per completion is actually not that good. Even UTEP’s QB averaged 11 yards per completion against Rice. Stanford’s starter averaged 18 yards per completion against Rice. In the first half 15 of Allen’s 26 completions were caught within 3 yards of the line of scrimmage. 13 of the 15 being shovel or screen passes.

I didn’t bother to look at the second half seeing as the way we play in the second half with a 38-0 lead wouldn’t really be relevant when preparing for the next game.

That is a lot of short passes. What we won’t know until the Tech game, is that the actual offense or the offense we wanted to show Tech?

D’Eriq King has the speed!

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