Lamar game Sept 10 start (revised)


Should the Coogs start the season 1-0 (don’t want to jinks the good guys) would Lamar game start @11 am? When you look at the schedule, every game is potentially a tv game, in fact half already are.

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Several people have commented UH seemed to be a pretty good draw @11am. Could the team be come the Morning Show on Saturday?


oh hell to the no!..we’re gong prime time!..


Can’t tailgate like a P5 school with 11 am starts. Just can’t. :beer:

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I’m sure a game against a powerhouse like Lamar would be the featured game prime time. Probably have the ESPN Game Day there too.


the last sentence of the original post suggest that UH would be a regular at 11 am…not just with Lamar…i’m sure we’re all OK with 11 am kickoffs for all the games…


I think LSU fan can tailgate if the game stared at 7am

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Seems to work for the Big 10.


11am gives you more time to celebrate the victories.


Good point. Perhaps I should revisit my breakfast menu!


The Big 10 is also made up of Northern schools, where it isn’t 100+ degrees between 11-3 in September.

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Erm, maybe the OP is onto something. Check out the official site’s listing for the Lamar game:

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The conference just announced all kick times/networks for the first few weeks. The Lamar game is listed as TBD.

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And the official site now conforms with the conference press release, and shows the game as TBA. Thank God.

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As someone mentioned on Twitter, the only possible explanation for this is we play @ Cincinnati that next Thursday, so the team could get a few extra hours of rest.


11am for Lamar in early Sept?? and on ESPN3?? :rage:


Don’t forget the sunblock.


This is a golden opportunity for UH to demonstrate that it has an improving fan-base.

Put ~40,000 folks in TDECU for an 11:00am game against Lamar and that says we’re ready for a move to a P-5 league.

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If ESPN3 is the only inventive, choosing an 11:00 a.m. kick for the Lamar game is insane.

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