Levine going into restaurant biz

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I like Chick-fil-a and I like Tony Levine. He’s a good person and they have good sandwiches.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #62

That . . .was gold.


Next time I am in Sienna Plantation, I will stop by. I had a meeting there a few weeks ago. I will make sure I patronize his restaurant!

(WRB) #64

Excellent!!! Thanks fir sharing Patrick. Tony is a top notch person. Always has been.

(Patrick) #65


Levine is an awesome person.

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Nice dad joke

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Stopped in following a wind blown round of golf @ Southwyck. While eating a late lunch, I had the pleasure of sharing a conversation with Coach Leroy Burrell. Sorry for not recognizing you, coach . . . . . He is a very friendly and personable guy to me, a total stranger to him. Look forward to seeing him at either Football or Basketball games this coming season . . . . .

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