Maddox Kopp Qb recruit

Do we have a good chance signing him? 6’5” 210 and very athletic per the other site where he plays bb too.

We’re in early on him, and the hometown team…BUT the more publicity he gets (just named to the Elite11), the more offers from P5 programs he’ll get. We’ll see how the staff can recruit big time prospects with him.

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How many stars does he have? If 4 stars and above, forget about it for football.

We just can’t get the 4 and 5 star elite athletes with this rigged system we are in because we have NO shot to try to compete for a National Championship. We are just stuck in mediocrity until something changes which I hope is soon!!

seems we got ed, so there is always a chance.
also most so called p5 teams never have a chance at a ntl championship
we have a better shot than most at a NY6 bowl game with 4 star athletes…just got to show them the truth and hope a few get it

He’s a 3 star

Correct but honestly that is more of a anomaly than anything else…

You had to hire Ed’s coach also

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So you’re telling me there’s a chance

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Currently for what it is worth 247 has him predicted to come here over the entire dang Ivy League.

You really ought to spell his name correctly.


If it wasn’t obvious before, it should be now. Holgs likes big pro-style QBs for his system.


Lol well he is listed as a 3 star and at 6’5” , he won’t have any balls batted down.

We only got Ed because his brother was here and his dad told him he was going to UH

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Explain why (as fans or grads ) we should be excited about a QB that only the Ivy League or Patrioit League was interested in signing? Central Michigan is not Michigan?


He has kind of a slow release but he would at least be familiar with the offense, so that’s a plus. In those highlights though, I was more interested in 4. That receiver can fly.

Tulane has offered too. Willie Fritz seems to know how to build programs.
I would guess that Kopp has quite a few more offers on the way.

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Because he is a very good player that we got in early on. He’s been picked for elite 11 so he will be getting a lot of offers.

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Since he is a top 20 QB in the country, let’s see if his rating go from 3 to a 4 star after the event which means he will be out of our reach.

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