Maddox Kopp Qb recruit

Wasn’t D King a 4*?


I don’t think King was a 4 star but Herman in his last year here had a couple of 4 stars committed I think but of course when he left a lot of commits left.

King was a 4 star at Manvel


King’s class had 3 players on the ESPN 300, Oliver, Lark and King. They were 5, 4 and 4 star players respectively.

On 247 the class had 4 players with at least 4 stars. Oliver with five, Naty Rodgers, Tendavian Rodgers and Lark with 4. King was a composite number 396 recruit that year on 247 with 3 stars.


Also if Dana is recruiting him I have to trust it.

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It’s a legitimate question. We’re fans and aren’t terribly objective about recruits. By the same token it’s tough for us to know other than looking at the schools recruiting him and his Internet service ranking. Based on what I can tell, he’s a pretty solid but certainly unspectacular HS QB. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t be up for the Davey O’Brien Award in 3-4 years. He has great size and apparently a strong arm. But we did offer after we missed on some other targets. Still, he’s the #35 pro-style QB in the nation, according to 247. That’s just where Tune was ranked as a recruit.

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You’re going hit on some recruits, and miss on others.

Since we’re not in a position to get a QB sure thing (if such a thing exists), we try to take one (or two) every year and so who rises to the top.

I’m pretty sure Dana wants a distributor, not a runner. Make some quick reads, and get the ball out. I’d guess that Case’s performance (and Kliff’s game plan) against Penn State is ideal. Try to never give the DL a chance to get to the QB, and you don’t need a runner.

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Kopp family is full of athletes


Yes, it was a great recruiting job by Levine’s staff…not Herman !


Too bad recruiting isn’t the only thing he had to do as a head coach. Like coach. Or hire a competent staff. Or make tough decisions. Or beat SWT. Or beat UTSA.


Yes Levine did a good job recruiting but he benefited off us becoming a Power school when we were joining the Big East, although no one knew our Power was temporary. If we joined a P5 tomorrow, here come the 4 and maybe some 5 stars.

Will Kopp is his dad, and a good friend of mine. He was a scholarship college tennis player. And you will not find a better quality human being than Will…
If UH wanted to recruit a 5 Star Family…this is would be the one. Seriously. We are talking Case Keenum “great person” stuff here.


Sounds like the kind of kid we need. Instead of having knee jerk vibrations over stars and offers I am all for letting coach do what he is getting the big bucks for


How many stars did Case Keenam have?


Two, I believe.


The same or one less than these UH QBs:

Rex Dausin
Drew Hollingshead
Bear Fenimore
Billy Cosh

Everyone knows that recruiting is quintessentially inexact, and some overlooked players—Baker Mayfield, LaDainian Tomlinson, Case Keenum—become great ones. But the law of averages catches up to you. Four years ago, these schools finished at the bottom of the recruiting rankings:

Coastal Carolina

None were in the hunt for a berth in the CFP in ‘19.

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There are never more than a dozen teams in the hunt for a berth in the CFP and they are all well known and their athletic department budgets exceed $100 million a year.

Even if UH signed the top QB recruit in the nation every year, UH would still not be in the hunt for a berth in the CFP in the current system.

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Don’t confuse him with facts.

You’re missing the point. I was using hyperbole with the CFP comment. Those teams went like 14-46 last year. They were some of the worst G5 programs. But if you’re good consistently signing two-star prospects and finishing #126 nationally in the recruiting rankings, our cross-town rivals could use some new fans.



You left that door way wide open for that retort even though yes it does entirely miss the point. You really should’ve explained that these teams at the bottom of recruiting rankings are obviously talent deficient hot garbage. I guess the other obvious counter point is that the 12 teams consistently getting a shot at the playoffs tend to live on top of the recruiting rankings.

Bringing ourselves back on topic, however. Seems like a kid who might just be getting ready to take off and right now is a bit underrated judging by his offer sheet and his Elite 11 finalist status. I mean I know that would be the hope at least.

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