Major Applewhite as HC offers new possibilities for our offense

Can we expect a more pass-oriented offense next year? With Kyle Allen we certainly have the QB. Perhaps a return to the Air Raid or a pass-oriented version of the spread.

UH has proven that a pass-first offense can destroy the best defenses. The paradox is when you flip it around it opens up the running game. Without 6 or 7 defenders in the box even our O-line can open holes for Catalon and Co. to run through.

O-Line should be better next year. One more year getting bigger and stronger. They will all be back. I think of Cooper and how good he was his Senior Year and how much he improved from Junior to Senior year.

I expect us to run the same offense. Ward was a great runner and good passer. Allen actually can run very well. Is he Ward. No where close but few are. However Allen is a better passer than Ward. So, same offense scheme but different approach from the same scheme. And backing him up you will have King who will be a similar version of Ward.

I think we’ll have a smarter offense. Allen is an experienced guy who’s seen a variety of stuff, as has Major. I also tend to think that the swing pass play ladder that they highlighted during the Louisville game is an example of Major’s ideas, while forcing Catalon up the middle repeatedly is an example of Herman trying to force bug 10 ball on us without the line personnel to make it happen. Major is a creative guy with a lot of good winning influences to think back on.


The old rice offense was a thing of beauty played by a mish mash of 2 and 3 star recruits. The te that made it all work is on staff. Im sure casey is with major and staying. I would not be opposed to seeing his latest version of that o.

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Forcing the run the way Herman tried is why UH blew up the record book in passing first. It was the source of Helton’s failed tenure too. Teams just stacked the box and forced the pass. When you do it that way it succeeds up to a point. Guess we’ll just have to wait for the Spring game.

And let’s not forget that we’re only losing 1 WR from this year’s group. One! I saw earlier this morning that Rashaad Samples is going to give it another go next year and hopefully Marquez Stevenson stays healthy. We have some burners at WR for next year and a guy with the arm to get the ball way downfield. The deep ball was Ward’s only weakness. I expect to see many more big plays down the field next year than we had over the last 2 years. And we’ll still have the same steady presence over the middle from Bonner and Dunbar.

Am I right that the only major contributors we’re losing on offense are Ward and Allen? I know Mac Long was a senior, but the O Line was a never-ending carousel this year. We’re looking at 9 returning starters on offense, and a whole bunch of stud freshmen and sophomores. The offense is going to be awesome next year!

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Totally agree. Its a great equalizer. Its weakness is that it works. Therefore it puts a lot of pressure on the defense. To really be successful you need a really good and deep defense. It would be great if Orlando hung around. Talk about a one two punch!

Lose very little on both sides of the ball. Major is inheriting a good situation. I really want to see the ass hires. Thats gonna be everything to his success.

On offense we lose Ward & Chance Allen.

On defense we lose Brandon Wilson, Taylor, Bowser, Singleton.

Bigger hits on the defense and the biggest concern. We will need some players to step. I see players who can replace Wilson and Singleton. I do not yet see who will replace Taylor and Bowser.

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We’re also losing Malveaux on defense too, right? We definitely need some kids to step up on the D-line. Hopefully Chaisson will see all the pub Oliver is getting and decide to join him here.

Yup, wouldn’t be shocked to see some Juco LBs added to the recruiting targets. Who wouldn’t want to be the MLB coming downhill with Oliver opening the holes?

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You know this is a very interesting point. I have been critical of some of CMAs play calling but the question is how much of that is him or Herman? You could be right about Herman being the one behind the majority of calls. “Here is the plan, go execute it.” CMA does it but makes calls as he sees things develop throughout the game. I have always seen him as very smart from his college days and some things we’ve seen on the field this past year are just plan stubborn. Maybe Herman’s doing?

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I remember Herman giving credit to CMA for the offensive play calling in the Louisville game.

Herman didnt have time to be involved in the o with louisville. To busy negotiating with lsu and tu.


And that is actually the case. In fact, you can take the 4 losses of the past 2 years and attribute them to Herman being distracted by job possibilities. There needs to be a rule that if a HC is tied up job hunting he has to give up his pay check for that period. Being a head coach takes 110% of the coach’s time and energy. You cannot mail it in. We don’t pay these guys to spend time searching for their “dream job”. With Herman we now know it started the day he showed up at UH. That’s just an integrity issue.


Ass hires??? lol :joy:

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I thought the Mack Brown comment was interesting. Maybe it’s MB saying fu to tu lol


Or maybe Mack Brown knows Herman wanted CTO on his staff and CMA was not cleared to return to 40 acres. Just playing devil’s advocate.

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