Mike Leach explaining the simplicity of a real CFP System - he's funny



Leach is always spot on. I’ve always appreciated his brutal honesty.


Now this looks beautiful in Mike Leach’s world and mine. We’ll all be dead but maybe some day it will look something like this.

Looking at these matchups, these games will be exciting to watch.

(Mark Shapiro) #4

I :heart: Mike Leach


That bracket would be awesome (even if hermanites are there)… and prob worth a bunch of $. Then we could say we crowned a true champ


Of course committee would have to instantly drop UCF to no. 17


Of course. :roll_eyes:


I can see a lot of money being made off those games.

(J V ) #9

UCF would be 17th. They would say, they were so close but SOS and all…lol

I saw The Leech video and laughed, he was on point.

(Ben B) #10

Nope. All conferences aren’t represented.


Thats a lot of games for amateur athletes

4 OOC, 8 In conference, and possible 4 rounds of post-season play

that’s games full of hard contact

(Greg Wirthmann) #12

Coach Leach is correct. If every other sport at every other level can figure it out, college football can (if they wanted to or had some basic collective IQ).

We can complain all we want but we have no influence.

The only thing I can think of is to boycott the CFP which I did last year and will again this year. I watch college football all year long but will not watch the CFP. Many of you will read this and say that whether my set of eyeballs watch those games or not will have no impact on their ratings and ad money. You are correct, but it is the only thing I can control and, you never know, if enough people start doing it, maybe it will have an impact.


Mike Leach is absolutely right.

The 2 teams in the Texas state high school football title game will be playing their 15th game of the season. So you are telling me that high school athletes can play 15 games but collegiate athletes can’t play 16?


High school athletes and college athletes are 2 totally different animals

The very few high school athletes that make it to D1 P5 schools are special breeds of kids. Most of whom are genetically gifted.

Now think about that level of athletes going head on contact for 16 games. Let’s not forget about the word college. These kids have midterm exams, homework, studying time, personal time.

The national champion is looking at amost a year-round schedule of football from August to mid February

(J V ) #15

So a college athlete that goes to start in the NFL his rookie season not capable of playing an NFL season? Similar logic about HS to college. Only 2 teams would play that maximum number. If it can be done at every level from pop Warner through FCS football, why not FBS?

(O. Emmanuel) #16

I don’t buy the school argument. Bowl teams are still practicing like normal in the interim between their last regular season game and their bowl.


Yes we all know that education and exams week are very important but we already have a system in place where teams have playoff games through exam week.

I think that FCS, DII and DIII student athletes’ education are as valuable as FBS student athletes but those athletes seem to manage their education through mid-term week and final exam week.

I am stressed to figure out why FBS student athletes can’t manage their education like FCS, DII and DIII student athletes.

In my mind, I think the education card is going to be used as the excuse of those who do not want to expand CFP.


The best we can hope for is an 8 team playoff with 1 spot reserved for top ranked G5 school. The 7 teams P5 gets in could be 5 P5 champs + 2 at-large or top 7 ranked P5 schools.

Realistically, I think the next move is a 6 team playoff with the top 2 schools getting a bye. Don’t like the idea of any playoff without guaranteed spot for at least 1 G5 as bias would keep G5 out more than should. I also don’t like a 16 team playoff with 11 conf champs…some of these games would be terrible. Lets be honest.


If the national narrative is for a 16 team playoff, they may meet us half way with an 8 team playoff. I have no arguments with an 8 team playoff but like you said, it will probably be 6.


Whatever system it ends up being, a spot should be reserved for atleast one G5