NCAA NET Ranking 2020-2021

NET rankings came out today. The Coogs checking in at No. 8 to start out.


Top Conference Mates:

SMU - 37
WSU - 61
Tulsa - 66
UCF - 74
Memphis - 96

4-1 in Q1 games. Boise checking in at 14!


That Boise win is looking better and better.


Kentucky way down at #144 - Wow! Smoking/sniffing bluegrass must not be a deterrent for COVID.

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Conference has to improve over the next few years. Cincinnati and Memphis have to be better than this.

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Where is Kansas ?

Surprised with UCF’s net. Really good road win against FSU. Was their win against Auburn a neutral site game?


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Auburn is only 76 and it wasn’t a Q1 win.

I find it interesting that 3 of the Top 10 teams are from Texas and the old SWC. That would have been unheard of in this known football state not that long ago.

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This makes me stick with my prediction that us and SMU are the only teams that will get bids absent someone else winning the conference tourney.

SMU is also really going to need a Q1 win and there aren’t a lot of opportunities for them to get one.

Someone else in the game thread pointed it out first, but really makes me feel better about 2-1 in the last 3 when you look at the circumstances. Playing 3 of the 4 best (other than us) conference opponents on the road in a 9 day span coming off the team not practicing together for a while. Take care of business against Wichita on Wednesday and this is a very good stretch even if that Tulsa loss hurt a lot.

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No wonder why Auburn self-imposed a postseason ban this season. Lol.


We’ve played UCF, Tulsa, and SMU and have Wichita State coming in on Wednesday. The AAC games we’ve played were all Q1 because they were road games. Since the Tulsa loss was a Q1 loss on the road, it didn’t hurt us much.

"Since 2018, one criterion for determining selection to the NCAA Tournament has been performance against certain RPI quadrants. Typically, a quadrant 1 win is considered a “good win”, while a quadrant 4 loss is considered a “bad loss”. The quadrants are defined as follows:

Duke checking in at #115…right behind South Florida. The Dukies are such a boat anchor for the ACC…lol. My, how the times have changed.


I’m thrilled with this ranking. If we can just keep this same trajectory, we should end up with a 2 or 3 seed. Very salty group of guys that I’m pretty sure most coaches will not want to have to gameplan for come March.

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