NCAA West Qualifiers - May 23-25 in Sacramento

FLOTRACK has video of the meet for a price of $12.95 for a month. They do have a lot of Coog content on there since they’ve been embedded with the team this season.

Live Results

Thursday schedule

Times listed above are PDT…I’ve listed the times in CDT below

  • 5:30pm: Trumaine Jefferson will be in Flight 3 of the Long Jump
  • 6:00pm: Priscilla Adejokun and Mikaila Martin will be in Flight 1 of the Women’s Hammer Throw
  • 7:00pm: Amere Lattin is in Heat 3, Quivell Jordan is in Heat 4 of the 400m Hurdles
  • 8:30pm: Ashley Seymour is in Heat 3 of the Women’s 100m
  • 8:55pm: Jordan Booker and Mario Burke are in Heat 1, Travis Collins and Edward Sumler are in Heat 2, Terence Ware and Brandon Taylor are in Heat 4, and Nick Alexander is in Heat 5 of the 100m
  • 8:45pm: Samiyah Samuels is in Heat 3 of the Women’s Long Jump
  • 9:45pm: Obi Igbokwe and Jermaine Holt are in Heat 1, Kahmari Montgomery is in Heat 3 of the 400m

I was in Sacramento this week and there were track and field teams all over the place.

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Adejokun currently has the longest mark in the Women’s hammer throw. About to finish up with flight 1 though so 2 more flights to go after this. Martin finished 14th in the flight. Usually they seed the flights from lowest seeds to top seeds so the likely ones that advance come later.

Flight 2 of the men’s Long Jump just finished up so Trumaine Jefferson should be about ready to go in his flight. Would love to see him build on his Indoor performance and get through to Austin.

Lattin and Jordan should be up sometime in the next 30 minutes for the 400m hurdles. Top 3 from each heat +6 top times after that make the Friday QF.

Strong jump for Jefferson right off the bat…24 1/4th. Puts him in 2nd overall.

Kind of cool that they have both Flight 3 and 4 going at the same time. Should allow for Trumaine to see what he needs to get.

And Trumaine’s 2nd Jump goes for 25 6 3/4 which puts him into 1st and would have easily qualified last year. Looks like Jefferson just punched his ticket.

Edit: equaled his Personal best.

And he finishes 3rd overall and will head to Austin. Huge bounce back from the conference meet and a huge wildcard for the Cougars national title hopes.


Lattin wins his heat in 50.09. Onto tomorrow.

Jordan finishes 51.11 and finishes 3rd in his flight. Onto tomorrow as well.

Adejokun stands in 5th in the women’s HT after 2 flights. Just need to withstand one more flight and finish top 12.

Last year, her distance would have finished 23rd and behind all Flight 3 participants.

Edit: she’s already down to 15th after the 1st series and won’t move on. Good showing for her here as she’s only a sophomore.

Ashley Seymour runs a personal best 11.55 and finishes 2nd in her flight to move on to the QF tomorrow in the Women’s 100m.

By the way, how bad was our luck last year? The 12th qualifier this year jumped 7.51M. We had two jumpers last year (Kerr and Dickerson) that were 13th and 14th and didn’t move on while jumping 7.63 and 7.61.

Both had a good chance at scoring at nationals and could have gotten us real close. Between them not qualifying and Barraza’s fall is where we lost the title as we missed it by 17 points. Ah well.


Burke wins his heat of the 100m in 10.25 and moves onto tomorrow. Booker finishes 4th in the heat at 10.47 and will have to wait now.

Sumler goes 10.36 to finish 2nd in Heat 2 and Collins finishes 3rd in 10.45 as both qualify for tomorrow. Booker moves down a spot and sits as the 2nd non auto-qualifier.

No Coogs in heat 3, but Booker maintains as the 2nd non-AQ

Taylor finishes 3rd in Heat 4 with a 10.39 time to move on. Ware runs 10.42 and is sitting as the first non AQ. Booker moves down to the 4th non AQ.

Nick Alexander runs a 10.30 to finish 2nd in his heat to move on. Ware drops to the 5th non-AQ and Booker drops out.

And after Heat 6, Ware ends up as the 6th non-AQ.

Coogs have 6 of 7 move on in the 100m.

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Looking down the line for the Title chase…Tech has 2 of 4 move on in the 100m. Tech had 3 of 3 qualify for Austin in the Long Jump. Tech also had 1 qualify for the 400m hurdles. 2 of 2 make it to Austin in the pole vault. Tech’s 1 runner doesn’t move on in the 400m.

Aggies qualified 5 for the 400m Hurdles. 1 of 2 in the 1500m. 1 in the 100m. 1 is headed to Austin in the Long Jump. 2 of 4 head to Austin in the Pole Vault. 2 of 2 qualify in the 400m.

Igbokwe runs 46.07 to win Heat 1 of the 400m and moves on to tomorrow. Holt runs 47.31 to finish 7th.

No Coogs in Heat 2; Holt maintains the 4th non-AQ spot.

Montgomery puts up a 45.56 to take Heat 3. Holt drops to 5th non-AQ

Holt knocked out after Heat 4. Coogs advance 2 from the event.

Interesting, Lamar had a runner in the 400m named Webster Slaughter…yes, he is the son of the former Browns/Oilers receiver and attended my high school (Fort Bend Elkins). I remember driving by Slaughter’s house in Lake Olympia on the way to school a lot; had a gate in front with a W and an S in it.

He and Warren Moon weren’t neighbors, but they lived about a mile apart. Moon’s house was basically a compound with a gate well away from the house and a huge mansion right off the lake.

I didn’t live in their neighborhood, but the easiest way to get to Elkins at that time was to drive through Lake Olympia.

Looks like their still having issues with the Flight 3 reporting on the Women’s Long Jump so probably won’t know where Samuels sits until the end.

On her 1st Jump, she hits 20-5 and moves into 6th.

Samiyah jumps 20-7 1/4 to finish 4th and head to Austin. Believe this is her 3rd straight year of making it to nationals as a long jumper.

Event is under protest, but it shouldn’t affect her result.

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Really good day for the Coogs as they didn’t have any slip ups.


  • Jefferson heads to Austin in the LJ
  • Lattin and Jordan move to the QF in the 400m Hurdles
  • 6 of 7 move on in the 100m (25% of field in QF are Coogs)
  • Igbokwe and Montgomery eased into the QF in the 400m


  • Samuels heads to nationals again in the LJ
  • Seymour moves to the QF in the 100m

Big day tomorrow with the QF of these races and the 1st round of the 110m hurdles and the 200m; both events should see a lot of Coog success.

I’ll do up a schedule tomorrow with times.


No Coogs in the women’s discus.

  • Tristan Gibbons will be in Flight 1 of the Men’s Discus
  • Naomi Taylor will be in Heat 3 of the Women’s 100m hurdles
  • Amere Lattin is in Heat 3 and Devion Wilson is in Heat 6 of the 110m hurdles
  • Obi Igbokwe is in Heat 1 and Kamari Montgomery is in Heat 2 of the 400m
  • Ashley Seymour is in Heat 2 of the Women’s 100m
  • Mario Burke and Brandon Taylor are in Heat 1, Terence Ware and Travis Collins are in Heat 2, and Edward Sumler and Nicholas Alexander are in Heat 3 of the 100m.
  • Amere Lattin is in Heat 3 of the 400m Hurdles
  • Ashley Seymour is in Heat 6 of the Women’s 200m
  • Edward Sumler is in Heat 1, Kahmari Montgomery and Trenton McDonald are in Heat 2, Frederick Lewis and Jordan Booker are in Heat 4, Mario Burke is in Heat 5, and Nicholas Alexander is in Heat 6 of the 200m

Is this on tv

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Just on Flotrack via Subscription:

FLOTRACK has video of the meet for a price of $12.95 for a month. They do have a lot of Coog content on there since they’ve been embedded with the team this season.

Live Results

Looking at the UH men there in Sacramento, got to feel good about the future:

Seniors - 7
Juniors - 4
Sophomores - 5
Freshman - 5

Will be tough replacing this senior class though. Lattin, Burke, Montgomery, Igbokwe, Jefferson, Lewis, and Valencia all had some big moments at UH and were a huge part of our success over the last 4 years.