Nebraska Prez on "hot mic" caught saying B1G coming back this week

Lol these kids have no risk, it’s safe to leave the basement

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“Maybe we should prank call the PAC12”

At the end of the day who cares?
The reality is that the BIG10 and PAC12 are P5’s and the AAC is not. They get the cash and a chance at the ultimate prize. We get neither.

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I would imagine that millions of fans in the B1G footprint and alumni of those schools care or else they would not have changed. Oh, and Law cares, isn’t one of his several dozen alma maters a B1G school?

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Fair enough Mike. Classic case of the haves and haves not. We have to be a P5 school again. That is crucial for our future.

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Now that the Big10 is back in…do we get better bowls games for our conference…our worse?

I also care. As an Iowa fan and STH I’m very happy. Now I don’t know if I’ll get to attend any games this season, but me and friends will be tailgating.

This weekend; however, is for UH football and I’m and super excited about having a program to cheer for and watch this weekend.

I love college football!

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This is what all of us, Renu and the financial supporters want. We all want our athletics program to be on the same level as our awesome academic standing.



Yes, many on this board have not had the chance to experience what being part of a Power conference means. We gotta keep pushing the door to get in.



I have a Master’s degree from Illinois.

Typically, they battle it out with Rutgers for the B1G cellar.

But in this season’s unpredictable college football landscape…maybe they could be a Cinderella story!


FWIW, the B1G has released its planned schedule.

Here’s Illinois’:

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not it actually gets played!

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