New AP poll - #25

(gpropes) #1



Now win the last two, use the bye to rest, win round two…keep going…


Ranked twice in a row for the first time since? 1984?

Man, I will be so relieved when UH finally gets through all these ‘since the 80’s’ stats.

Reminds me of when the Coogs hadn’t won a bowl game in forever.

(Jimmy Morris) #4

The nice thing is, we got some major respect/adjustments from “experts” right before the loss and they didn’t move us back after the Memphis loss. So we are still top 25, still getting seeded 7 by the experts and we got a wake up call that should have us focused deep into the conference tourney.

I said before that the Temple win was important because it gave us a quality road win and allowed us to have one mistake to still finish top 3 in the conference. We are in, short of losing 3 in a row, but it would be nice if we finish the last two games strong and get to a tough semi final match-up against Cincy or Wichita State to secure a 7 seed or better.

(Alfred Matthews) #5

oh wow…thought we would be unranked still. good stuff.

(Patrick) #6

Just snuck in above TCU who had 41 votes (we had 45).

Had a feeling we might stay ranked after we didn’t really drop in the projections after the Memphis loss. Plus, the win yesterday got people’s attentions.


left out of the Coaches Poll. Creighton and UK sneak in…


UK is apparently using all 9 of their lives this year. Whatever seed they end up with in the tourney, I’m pretty sure I’m picking them to lose.


(morris williams) #10

Strange, some of the dooms day poster are no shows on the board today…#25 go coogs


#26 in the Coaches Poll…

(Tom) #12

Hold on a min, Paris Hilton, :flushed:, some of us have to toil for bread.

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16. Houston (18): The Cougars were stunned by Memphis, but then throttled East Carolina. Houston has the goods to be a real tough out in the NCAA tournament. Yes, that’s where Houston will land, back in the NCAAs. It has been quite a turnaround under Kelvin Sampson for the program and his career. Well done.



Wow…#17 Rhode Island got the snot beaten out of them tonight 78-48 by St. Joes at home. Should make some feel better about that Memphis loss. :wink:

(Brad) #19

Rhode Island coog’d it.


I am starting to get excited about the idea of winning a first round game.