New roster up for the Spring

(Patrick) #1

Biggest thing I noticed is three scholarship departures:

  • OL Dixie Wooten III
  • DB Patrick Rosette
  • DB Devodric Bynum

Early enrolees are listed:

  • DB Gleson Sprewell
  • OL Bo Alexander
  • DE Tahj Brown
  • QB/ATH Julon Williams
  • DB Garrison Vaughn

(Cristian) #2


(Alfred Matthews) #3

Wooten appears to be heading to Blinn and Bynum violated a team policy. Sucks for Bynum. Thought he would be a very good return man for us when he got his shot.


Wow!! Wooten and Bynum are shocking. Do you have any more information on either? I assume we won’t hear about Bynum but I wonder if he’ll ever get a second chance. And I was really looking forward to Wooten on the field but I guess his grades weren’t up to par? Or is he transferring because of playtime?


Wooten grey-shirted a year so I would say grades. I hope he works hard and makes it back.


so do we have 3 more ships available for 2018?


Ahh I didn’t realize that he grey shirted, that explains a lot. I expected him to redshirt as a freshman to bulk up but thought I’d see him this year.


wow so we lost 2cb… our 3 main cb are seniors (who arent even highly regarded), we only brought 1 in and he wasn’t touted…if we don’t get some late transfers i have a hard time not seeing us play multiple true freshmen in 2019 and at cb thats a horrible sign

what are we doing with cb recruiting? we should have loaded up 2 classes ago


K’Darian Smith still here. Maybe he will step up?
Worst case CMD rotates same 3 as this year…but they get better…at least Myers and Johnson should.
Idk if Winchester has hit his ceiling or not

(Jimmy Morris) #10

We still have two from the 2014 class.
Jeremy Winchester played in 11 games and started 8.
Converted CB Isaiah Johnson who played in every game and started in 5 games.

We still have three from the 2016 class.
Ka’Darian Smith played in 15 games the last two years and will be a junior.
Javian Smith played in 11 games his first year and was injured/redshirted this year.
Alexander Myers played in 10 games and had 8 starts.

We have one redshirt freshman from the 2017 class in DJ Small but he is listed as a DB so he may be used as a safety.

Add 3 star Zaire Taylor from the 2018 class.

If all 5 returning players with experience are healthy, we will technically have more depth and experience at CB for 2018 than 2017.


ive already accepted the 2018 will be what it is, too late to change anything

but 2019 we graduate 3 of the 7 graduate … 2 of the 4 that remain haven’t produce in 2years, jumped on the depth chart and herman said he didn’t trust them on the field (though it was 2 seasons ago)…1 is relatively new to football and coming of an injury, non of the 4 were touted or highly recruited… not counting true freshman will be all our cbs in 2019


I saw progression in Myers last year so I expect to see more out of him this year.

I feel like Winchester has hit his ceiling and not because of ability but because of maturity. He makes mistakes and then gets a dumb penalty. So I don’t expect anything from him.

I think Johnson will show improvement but not until mid season. Last year was his first year at CB so it will take time and his athleticism helped his lack of knowledge on many occasions. I expect a light to come on mid season and he finishes strong.

Hopefully Spreewell can come in and provide some leadership and experience. I haven’t seen too much footage so I don’t know what to expect.

(Jimmy Morris) #13

Didn’t know you were looking two years ahead. That is hard to do because there is so many opportunities for graduate transfers and juco transfers between now and then.


Gonna be a lot of youngsters seeing snaps this year at CB. 2019 is coming quick fast and a hurry. We have to get them up to speed, because everywhere else on this roster will be loaded with returning starters.

(Patrick) #15

We have 3 more available spots towards the 85 scholarship-limit roster. The 2018 recruiting class is full or has one scholarship available depending on who you talk to.

From what I’ve heard from those close to the program, Jason Washington was recruiting for Austin from almost the moment he arrived on campus. He mainly focused on the San Antonio/Austin/Hill Country areas and wasn’t too interested in building strong ties to Houston. He was known to lie to a few parents/recruits and was one of the worst at taking credit for our CB/DB success and giving none to David Gibbs. He also was one of the first to join Herman in Austin after the announcement was made.

We then had Clayton Jennings last year, who is no longer with the program.

Could be a big reason why we’re hiring separate CB and S coaches.

(Patrick) #16

Clayton Tune has also been added to the roster as he’s an early enrollee.


I found a rare photo of Tune’s recruiting process.

(Alfred Matthews) #18

I’m hearing Wooten might come back to UH in a year or 2.

(Ricardo Montano) #19

I think we can add 2018 signee Johnathan Phenix to the mix at cornerback as well. At one point he had “Cornerback at the University of Houston” in his twitter bio. He’s since changed it to “defensive back”. So he might’ve been recruited as a cornerback but I guess only time will tell.

(Patrick) #20

Small was a CB when he saw the field briefly this year prior to his injury