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Enjoying this season, and don’t want to jump ahead, but started thinking about next year’s team and how it will look (as of now).

PG Shead/
SG Sasser/Walker/Tyson
SF Mark/Armbrester
PF Chaney/Roberts
C White/Powell/Francis

A lot of interchangeable parts with numerous guys able to play multiple positions. Hopefully they’re able to add some talent through the transfer portal.



Ouch that’s a young squad.


I think that is about right. The more I see of Shead, the more I like him. He is a pure point guard. Early in the season he was turning the ball over too much, but he really has improved. He looks like the real deal.

Sasser will continue to improve and become more consistent. His shooting has gone cold but so did Q’s last year right about this time. I think next year he is going to be really good.

White - holy guacamole he looks good. He could very well be an All American next year.

Chaney - I really like him. He will be the heart and soul of the team next year.

Mark - He keeps getting better every week. He showed he could score early in the season but defensively he looked lost. At the end of the season he looks terrific. He is an NBA first rounder and probably the most talented player on next’s years team.

How good the team is next year is on how much depth continues to improve. Roberts, Powell etc. will determine how great the team is next year. I was very impressed with how smooth of a shot Powell has. He needs to eat a few cheeseburgers though.


Do we know that White will return next season? He’s listed as a Senior.

Also, do we know for certain that Jarreau, Gresham, Gorham and Grimes will be declaring for NBA?

I assume so, but there are those on Coogfans with more team insights than most of us have.


I think we’ll see a lot of Mark running the point next year. He has the handles and the vision to do it. Also, I expect to see Chaney more at the 5 and Fabian at the 4, just in terms of skill set, though they should be interchangeable to some degree.


I can’t imagine White leaving this year after only playing a few games. But you never know.

I sure hope he is back.


Shead starting :flushed:

Slide Mark at PG. Play of off him a la James Harden. We need a transfer at guard no doubt. Mills defection put us thin for next year.

Pg - Mark/ Shead
Sg - Sasser/ Tyson
Wing/Guard - transfer/ Walker
Pf - White/ Roberts/ Armbrester
C - Chaney/ Powell/ Francis

More 3 pointers from White next year!

We really need a PG transfer BAD. If White leaves we’re going to need another big too

PG Transfer/Shead
SG Sasser/Transfer/Tyson
SF Mark/Walker
PF Chaney/Roberts/Armbrester(redshirt)
C White/Powell/Francis(redshirt)

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We need to sign 2 more in the spring. Either a PG+SF or a PG+(C/PF), imho.

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To keep winning at a high level, I see!

Transfer Portal should have a ton of good players available.

I don’t know why you guys are down on Shead, he looks better every time out. He is a good distributor, can get to the basket, very athletic, decent shot. The only thing against him is he is a freshman. Next year he will be very good.


More like a projection. He hasn’t played that many meaningful minutes vs good comp. It’s easier with Jarreau & Grimes around. Need to have backup plans.

G - Sasser/Shead
G - Transfer/Tyson
G - Mark/Walker
F - White/Roberts/Armbreaster(will play 2-4)
F - Chaney/Powell/Francis

Definitely need to get another dynamic guard and a big in the portal.

The big question in the off-season is Tyson imho. He will have tough decision to make if he doesn’t improve his ball handling and defense. Sasser/Shead and Tyson playing together feels like a non-starter right now.


Thank God everybody has Armbrester at the 4 and not at guard like some of you pegged him. Anyone who saw him played on national Tv knows he’s no where a guard.

I guess, from the above posts, that everyone is assuming Gorham goes pro. which may or may not be correct. There is a remote possibility that he will return, but I doubt it. We will get a glimpse of what his thoughts are Sunday. If he takes part in the Senior send-offs, then we will know he’s gone.

that was me, sampson called him our next hinton like 3 weerks ago… hinton wasnt a 4

and i said him and walker would regualry lineup at the 4, but will be put with the guards

and have you watched walker play??? he playes power forward for summer creek…your point backing robbie can be used against ramon

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Any Senior who returns would be a graduate, right? So regardless, I think they should be a part of the festivities.


justin is gone…like a 5% chance he is coming back…sampson a week ago said who next years team will look like, no gorham mentioned…and in the video by uh from like 8 hours ago, he said second to last game ever at FC, going out with a bang

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