Next year

Can’t wait for next year…excited to see the new guys and can’t wait to see Shead, Mark, Sasser, Chaney, and White with another year under their belts…CKS has built something special here.

I think Ramon Walker will be the only freshman next season to see meaningful minutes.

You might be right.

Redshirts for the other two ?

Most likely. Especially if coach carries 14 players on a scholly next season.

I don’t think any of the three will get much run next year.


And then we will probably bring in at least two more transfers. That’s already an 8 man rotation.

Yeah what he does best is what we need. He doesn’t have the straight liability Like Francis but doesn’t have the skill liability like Robbie.

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A lot will depend on how Shead and Mark’s jumpshots improve in the offseason and what kind of shooters we get as transfers. If Walker is the good shooter he looks to be from his game film and if he can pick up our defensive concepts quickly, he will get into the rotation.

itll really depend on how quick ramon adapts to the rebounding and defense part of the game…ramon wasnt asked to do much of either last year, but has the body to be great at both, so we’ll see how that translates… you could have made similar comments about mark with the defense and rebounding coming in and he adapted very well and quick, or could be like armoni that took a few seasons for it to click…

and people keep overlooking robbie… i think sampson is going to love robbie…he is already a proven defender (1 on 1- no clue how fast he picks up our system) already a proven rebounder and hustle guy… with who’s currently on roster, when you add size into the equation, he might be our best defender with the ability to guard 2 through 4 …i could see samspon carving him some backup minutes for him


I always thought he looked pretty good when he got minutes.

I don’t see the UConn grad transfer? 6’ 11’ Forgive me I can’t find his name as I am OTM.

A lot of next year’s success depends on the remaining players coach brings in from transfer portal. He’s bringing ready-made players to go with our returnees and incoming freshmen.
LOL our down years will be UH teams ranked 20-25 nationally.

Can you give a brief synopsis for us dinosaurs who don’t do twitter?

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