Non-UH Basketball Talk - Week of 1/11

Let’s get this started with a hearty “What the heck is wrong with SMU???” First they lose at home to a pretty bad (relatively speaking) Cincy team and now they’re only up by 4 at home against an awful Temple team half way through the 2nd half.

EDIT: I guess SMU heard me and woke up. Up by 17 now.

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Now up 10 with less than 4 mins remaining.

I really enjoyed what happened at about 5 minutes left in game clock. Dunn goes to the line. Announcer says, “nobody in the country gets to the line more than Dunn. Ok 3 people do. He’s 3rd in the country at free throw attempts per shot.” Which is hilarious cause that means only 2 people do.

Then SMU gets 3 offensive rebounds in a row on one possession and coach Mckie gets pissed and throws a box of gum onto the court.
The most entertaining minute in the whole game for sure.

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Watching Big East matchup UCONN-DePaul. A close and very physical game. UCONN 6-1 and currently ranked 25th. You could see Hurley was turning the team around last season. Sure wish they would have remained in the AAC.

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Watched the last 6 min. What a clown show at DePaul. UCONN should be embarrassed that it was a game even without Booknight

Why? 7 point road win missing a 20 point scorer is a solid showing.


Because DePaul is terrible. They couldn’t bring the ball up with no pressure without turning it over

I miss UCONN basketball.

I don’t miss that ass clown Hurley!


AAC Schedule for the remainder of this week (times are Eastern):

Tulsa @ Wichita St should be interesting


Sure, but Ollie wasn’t cutting it as HC. Hurley is going to restore UConn respectability. Agree that if Hurley isn’t your team’s coach, he’s the type of guy you love to hate.


I think next season is the real judge on the building process for uconn

Watching Boise state and Wyoming. BS is pulling away, but Wyoming has a freshman combo guard, Marcus Williams, from Houston that looks pretty. Averaging about 17 ppg. Would be a good Mills replacement if he wants a step up in competition. :thinking: If I’m dreaming, maybe Antoine Davis would want to come home and play for a top ten team for his senior year.

That’s Tramon’s teammate from HS btw.


Boise letting Wyoming back in it.

Also nice knowing who gave Boise the only blemish on their record.


That players (Williams) brother plays at Prairie View. Now how did he end up at Northern Arizona (he’s at Wyoming due to the coach leaving NAU)?

Davis gotta have the ball in his hand. Not sure he would work at UH

Looks like Boise ID going to pull it out. 14 point lead with a little over the minutes left.

BSU ranked #23 in NET. I can see them moving up more. That was a very good win for UH.

Boise is a fun team to follow. They’ll end up being one of those dangerous dark horse teams come tourney time.

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So, do we want Wichita State to beat Tulsa so we can win the regular season title outright by taking care of business? Or do we want Tulsa to beat WSU for strength of schedule purposes?

always win title out right


Wisconsin @ Michigan tonight should be a good game.

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