Not a fan of Ed Oliver article on ESPN


Ed had the perfect opportunity to talk us up. Instead…”LSU." I was almost a Louisianimal. I still hate that I didn’t go there, but I can’t be in two places at once. I might go get my degree from LSU, just to say I went there.”

“Marcus. I was going to play football with my brother. If he wasn’t already at the University of Houston, I wouldn’t be here.”




What did he do or not?

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Yea, I agree. The journeys need stories, and it, unfortunately, it plays into the P5 narrative.

However, If played right it can highlight the fact that UH can take a player higher.

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That to me doesnt help with recruiting. It makes it sound like LSU is a better school than UH. His business move just doesnt sit well with me given the lsu love eh :thinking:.


Ill just enjoy he’s here but most of the other sports site are running with he regrets not going making it sound like P5 bs again. This feels like its gonna hurt us in some way.


Not sure we’re seeing the whole article despite what’s printed. No telling what the evil empire left out. The next couple of questions read quite favorable. Enjoy the ride, this defense is going to be nasty!

Go Coogs

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Yeah, I agree why didn’t they just say exactly what I wanted to hear about my school!

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That’s great. Our own taking a dump on the school he plays for. Just stupid.


Come on you guys… We all knew this was the true reason why he came to UH. Deny all you want, but this was the case even when he first committed.

As long as we are in a G5, this is always going to be the case for us. Being in Houston helps us because transfers want to be closer to their families.

Terrance Williams transferred here because of Coach KB.

Deriq King chose to play at UH instead of TCU because he had a better shot at QB.

The list goes on, but the point is that as long as we are G5… The best talent choose UH for unconventional reasons. It’s not because they actually want to play here. It’s an unfortunate fact.

The IPF is a great thing to add to our toolbox, but it’s not going to be a deciding factor for recruits. We need to be in a P5. We need to have a more attractive campus. We need to continue to improve our academic profile. All of this ties into getting solid recruits. (This is specifically for football by the way.)

I’m still going to cheer on Ed wherever he goes because he was an incredible piece our journey to a P5. I’ll admit though, this piece is not a good look for us.

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Bingo, all this stuff.

I don’t care why he ended up here, I care that he’s on the team now. If you want every athlete to only come to UH for precisely the reasons you want them to… well, you’re going to be disappointed a bunch.


I read the whole Q and A with a Ed and had no problem with him calling UH a business decision.

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Yep, the whole reason I went to UH was a business decision too.


We win another big bowl… Ed wins the ultimate… none of this pre-season crap like this will mean squat. Matter of fact, as soon as we kickoff at Rice it won’t matter. Hell I already forgot what we were talking about.

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Just curious … What needs to be done to make our campus more attractive?

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Ironically had he gone to LSU he’d probably get less fanfare than he being a huge fish here. Similar to a Bosa at OSU or the Clemson Dlineman or the Michigan DE. All great players and future pros but lost in the shuffle with all the other positional talent around them.

Oliver is getting same hype we saw with Clowney at South Carolina which also was a ‘smaller’ sec program. I do think EO pans out unlike Clowney has after college.


He could have done a better job of representing UH. He is getting as much or possibly even more attention at UH than at LSU. At any other P5 he is just another 5 Star dlineman that performed as expected. Here he is gettin so much attention because he is a 5star at a G5 school and is killing it. Saying he wants degree from LSU so he can tell people he went there is a low blow IMO.


Clowney has been solid for the Texans


I was ok until that last part.


I wouldn’t say that… He’s just an absolute monster and would have dominated just as much at a P5.

We got extremely lucky with Ed. He could have just been another 5 star bust like Kyle Allen.

Kyle Allen couldn’t do it at A&M, and he couldn’t do it here.


Fix up 3rd Ward, lower crime rates, better party scene… etc

There’s not much to really do at UH if you’re under 21. Athletes want to party too lol