Not Impressed with Michigan at ALL


They are Big & Tall and can Rebound…but my assessment of tonight…Not a great shooting team. They have trouble with speedy teams and they are Beatable!

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They were off for a long time. They should be sharper for UH. (of course, I hope not)

(Charles) #3

If Corey, Devin and Armani shoot as poorly against them as they did against SDSU, anybody can beat us. Rob can only be expected to do so much. He proved against Cincy that he can wear out.


Yeah, but at some point…someone have to show something. I see a beatable team. If Montana had someone that could Rebound, Michigan would be in trouble.


…But we are also capable of beating anyone…and this team is nothing to fear.

(Tom) #6

And the fact that Rob carried the team today may take a toll on him Saturday. Corey DDavis , Brooks must step up big time.


The guys have stepped up all year…no reason to doubt them now…


i said this before in a differnt thread. they collapse on defenders…montana has 1 player that can score and michigan is collapsing on him everytime he has the ball…corey and armoni need to be on for us to have a chance…they will try an collapse on gray and he can get them shoots by swinging it out

(Charles) #9

Corey, Devin and Armani show 25% tonight. It’s unthinkable that they’ll be that bad Friday night. If they are, curtains.


I think we will do just fine…Michigan is beatable just like any team I have seen so far.

(CoogDentist) #11

Montana has to be the worst shooting team in the tourney. If they just made a quarter of their shots they would be Winning right now.


they look questionable on offense

montana was doing something like 85points a game… they have been absolutely shut down…defensively they have look good…
but note this game is like watching a game where gray goes 1-7 from 3 and thinking we are beatable…Michigan’s best player is having a horrible game…we cant expect him to play this bad versus us…we can hope but we cant expect …

(PMM) #13

Let’s just hope that CKS reads this board consistently so that he can find out how we should play Michigan.


Just Saying, we are no Montana. Yes we have to worry about their Bigs, but they have to worry about our Speed…and I believe we are faster than Montana.

(Jimmy Morris) #15

We are .389 from the arc, they are .369. So while they might not be “great” the difference is negligible. They have 5 guys on the roster with a better 3 point percentage than Rob. We will need more than just Rob scoring 30+ points to outscore Michigan.

(CoogDentist) #16

Michigan is having a bad day. It won’t be like this against us.

(Jimmy Morris) #17

To be clear, Montana had won 19 of their last 21 games going in. Even if they didn’t beat ranked teams in that streak, they knew how to win and they were definitely ready to play at tip off.

(gpropes) #18

Montana has a couple of small, quick guards that were able to get to the rack early and often.

That’s really good news for Galen and Rob.

(Jimmy Morris) #19

Also Michigan with only 5 offensive rebounds and more turnovers. That’s a good sign because we have more rebounds per game for the season than Montana.


i can guarantee you their center will try to ovecompensate for such a bad game…i hope we find a way to take advantage…