Not sure how i feel about this... Applewhite renting to Herman

Linky no worky.

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It’s a little weird, no doubt.

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I would think the renter gave at least 30 days’ notice. So it may have been back around late December when he rented it to him, before he started poaching our recruits.

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After all Herman did to UH and Applewhite rents him a house! Dont fool yourselves Applewhite is no better than Herman. He will do UH just as dirty as LTH did if given the chance. He should have never gotten the job.

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Coaching fraternity is funny. Good for CMA to get quick turn.

I couldn’t really care less about this. They didn’t stop being friends, this has nothing to do with Coach Applewhite’s job at UH. It is none of our business really.


I think I’m more upset that his family hadn’t moved out, yet he couldn’t return the vehicle to Chastang Ford. To me, that makes that story even worse.

The rental thing: eh, coaches take care of other coaches and it’s not like CMA is letting him use it for free. Don’t want to burn bridges you don’t have to and Major wouldn’t be a head coach right now if Herman hadn’t left.

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That’s like saying who cares if your doctor has had 4 dwi’s. He didn’t do it at work the medical board should stay out of his business.

That is not even close. DWI’s are illegal and immoral. Renting a home to a friend at a(n assumed) fair price isn’t. Also a doctor takes an oath to save lives, DWI’s are known to endanger lives.

It speaks to someone’s character and morals. He is no better than CH. birds of the same feather flock together. Don’t fool yourself and think Applewhite is any different.

I bet he is making quite a bit of money on it. It’s an easy transition for Herman and he is willing to spend since he came in to a load of money. Hell UT is probably footing the bill.

Yup one could say UT is paying Applewhite.

Whoever you are you’re just looking for a reason to burn Applewhite. He hasn’t even coached a game and you’re already spewing hate on him. You’re the type of people we don’t need. Move on. Don’t buy tickets.

Come back when you have a legitimate reason to criticize someone.


I’ve been going to UH games since 95 and only missed a 5 year stint when I was out of town in dental school and residency. I will continue to be at UH games no matter what you think or wish me to do. You need to realize that like a good politician Applewhite will tell you what you want to hear. As far as legit reason I think him renting to a guy that did My university wrong is a good reason.

CTH helped resurrect CMA career and they were clearly friends before they arrived at UH. As much as I love UH. This means less than nothing to me.


CMA has more reasons to succeed at UH than to help UT. imo

I’m sorry, there is nothing immoral about what he’s doing. You’re ridiculous.

If he had started renting the place in Austin to Tom Herman in like October, then I might see it your way.

… in normal circumstances.


would you rent a house to somebody that wronged your family. Let’s say they slandered or started rumors about your wife?

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