Not worried about CTH

Not sure why any top p5 school would be coming after him. Like i said early in the year, lets see how he does under adversity. This coach still has a lot of learning and growing to do as a head coach. The team hangs 28 on Tulane by the half and only manage 2 more the rest of the game. I like the coach, will be delighted when he stays, but not upset if he leaves.
No running game
No passing game
No online
No offensive tempo
Not much on special teams

Bring on the unicorns and rainbows.


Don’t think he’s leaving as I don’t think any jobs will open that he wants. Helton has turned USC around, Orgeron is loved in Baton Rouge, and Strong will make a bowl game after they beat Kansas next week. If I’m Texas, I give Charlie one more year.

  • Run game has been a problem all year and somewhat last year. O line is bad
  • Passing may be because Ward’s arm isn’t really doing well. O line is also bad
  • O Line isn’t CTH’s fault. Levine may have recruited well at skill positions and on D, but he didn’t recruit the O line very well. Have had problems since 2012. Can’t fix in 1 year.
  • Offensive tempo is a problem, but the line and no running game are problems. Still, a good OC would be able to scheme around that. Even last year, our playcalling has been bland at times and frustrating at others. It may be time to look in a different direction there.
  • Special teams has been bad all season, but were better today. They did give up the one onside kick though. Really need to evaluate if we have the right guys out there.

My hope, someone comes along and offers Applewhite a head coaching job or P5 OC job. UT folks were never crazy about him when he was there either and he’s just not that impressive.


This X 1000

I don’t throw around rumors on this board or the other (Nebraskacoog on ToS), but this came from my father. He was at the UT game today versus West Virginia. He and Murry Bowden (HoF Linebacker), a big UT donor and UT Law Grad, are friends. Murry was up there presenting an award to the Chancellor during the game.

Anyway, I met him in Sealy eating at Hinze’s on my way back to San Antonio - he was coming from Austin back to Houston. Strong will be fired. Some of the wives of big alums in the club had been helping with several of our coaches’ wives for house hunting purposes in Austin. Todd Orlando was specifically mentioned. The understanding is that Herman would have stayed until after the bowl, but because we cannot make a NY6 bowl now that Navy won, he will leave following the regular season unlike when he came here.

I am going to kick my dad in the balls if he isn’t sure about this, but he hesitated telling me what he heard. That tells me he feels horrible that things are going down like this during the season. I’ll just enjoy the rest of the season. We’ll know for sure after the team gets back from Memphis

There’s no doubt that Charlie will be fired after today. It was do or die, and he died.

As for the rest, I hope you are wrong but suspect you are right.

I really hope Tom Herman leave so we can focus on bringing in Les Miles…I would call Les the minute he submits his Notice!!!

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If true why does he appear to be recruiting so hard for us ? Good class but not the caliber he would get at UT so it’s not like he is recruiting them and thinking of taking them with him.

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I believe that Herman fires some assistant coaches but he stays , he has little head coaching experience and it shows biggly. One more year with Kyle, will set him up pretty good.

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If we can get les miles on board, th can leave tomorrow.

His stock has collapsed, and he only did it to himself. Not committing to us or commenting on other jobs for “leverage” – so much for that.

I sure as hell hope my dad was wrong as well. It wouldn’t surprise me if these guys were bragging as some of our alums do about internal connections and how much they donate, etc. I want CTH to stay a la Patterson at TCU, but I’m realistic.

It seems clear that UT held discussions with CTH and crew, which led to two (almost 3) losses. These losses lowered CTH’s stock. If Strong wins the next two, he likely stays. There was a big push to make 7-5 the bar for Strong.

I could care less if Herman stays. He’s an insincere pos negotiationing with UT during the season. F him.

Everyone on this particular post is upset with a few losses. Totally understand that, we all are. However, look at where we stand moving forward. We have very few seniors playing this year. Our OL in young and it showed this year. Those reps will pay Off next year. The future is brighter than it ever was folks. Stay the course. A national Championship will come our way. That said, regarding the boosters, Quit reacting like middle school kids when you hear a rumor from another kid that has nothing to do with nobody. I had a friend, booster, from LSU go on about the same thing early on. Now tune has changed. Why, because they ain’t got nothin to do about nothin. Theu just go with what they hear on TV and read on twitter. Great sources :+1:! :expressionless: Keep supporting your School, criticize, but don’t condemn. I can go on about the stuggles this year, that are clear evidence for not meeting everyone’s blowout everyone in the country expectation. Lack of Turnovers, youth upfront, forcing Greg to be a passer,but Twitter seems to be the only way to build credibility now a days. Commitment shows win or lose. Go Coogs! :red_circle::white_circle:


Les Miles would be a disaster at UH, He couldn’t win his division (much less the conference) with some of the best available talent in all of FBS. His teams were barely squeaking by teams with far less talent.

At a G5, where you must be innovative in order to accomplish more with less, he would be a Kim Helton level failure. I want no part of Les Mikes and his 1962 offensive philosophy in Houston. He would be bad for the team and bad for ticket sales. Anyone who thinks that guy is paying anything more than lip service to “changing” his offense doesn’t know who he is. Miles doesn’t listen to anyone and he doesn’t change for anybody.

We have two problems here, one is the rumor mill which is to be taken with a grain of salt. The other is that we are quick to interpret our losses as fact that the coaches have checked out and are preparing for other jobs. While a definitive statement from CTH shooting down the rumors would help, I can understand why he wouldn’t make one. There were far more factors involved in the losses than just coaching. Look, even good teams can have a bad beat or two… see Clemson, Michigan, Washington.


I should add… I hope CTH stays even now more than ever. We are 8-2… EIGHT AND TWO!

Pull your heads out of your butts! CTH is one of the greatest coaches to walk on Cullen Blvd. we do not want to lose him no matter his flirtations with other jobs.

… and no. I don’t think his agent looking for potential jobs distracted anything. Herman sincerely wanted to make a NY6 bowl and go undefeated, the players did as well. It didn’t happen, but that doesn’t mean there is some conspiracy.


I’ve heard rumors that CTH is no longer at the top of UT’s list, and that they now prefer Mike MacIntyre, who has CU in contention for the Pac-12 title. it makes sense – he currently makes half of CTH’s salary and probably has a substantially lower buyout, too. With the same record in a substantially better conference, he’s almost certainly a better candidate. It makes a lot of sense, but I don’t really have any insider info, either. Take that for what you will, though.

I’m pretty sure those folks were the same ones helping Mrs. Saban house shop last time too. lol

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It’s weird to me that people seem to have such a hard time believing that we’re just not as good this year, personnel-wise. Add to that fact the issues with offensive play calling, chemistry, leadership, and key injuries, and what you’ve seen is what you get - a pretty good team that is far from dominant.


That’s what I’m saying, there are so many other things that went in to those loses. Everyone thinks it has to be a Sumlin situation (I thought it too briefly, or that was my fear). However, we know Sumlin just can’t win the big game - he hasn’t yet.


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