NY6 Bowl: Houston vs Texas

(Will) #43

If we play Texas, I am definitely missing Orlando as our DC. But his best D would have issues stopping our O. King is dangerous! We would be ok. Question can our D stop them? I think TTU had a special combo of QB and tall WR’s and we tackled really poorly. They would score allot on us but not as much as we unless they get turnovers. In a shootout we would eat thier lunch.


They’re going to lose 2 more at least


It’s a fun idea. But I picture UT losing to at least one more game, probably to WVU or Iowa State.


I hope they lose out for the rest of the season!


Fixed it…I hope that they lose out for the rest of eternity!


By a score of at least 100-0.

(Chris Vaughan) #49

ESPN wants Texas the playoffs.

(G.W.) #50

Texas will work the phones HARD to get out of that matchup.


Yes; I think their intention is to NEVER play us again! Fear will do that to you.


This would be better than going to the college playoffs.


They would rather not go to a bowl than play us.

(JohnnyCougar) #54

ESPN wants Texas in the playoffs to make you want to subscribe to LHN. :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::money_mouth_face:


I can’t imagine anyone other than a UT fan would subscribe to the LHN. Some folks accidentally get it because of their cable/satellite subscription, but no one other than a fairly hard core UT fan would go seeking that station.

(PMM) #56

I have it as part of my Kinetics package.

Let’s just say that it IS NOT in my Favorites List. The fact that I am paying something like 70 cents per month for it galls me to no end !!!