Official 2019 National Signing Day Thread

(John Simpson) #81

We’ll see if B.Smith will be in the QB room this year in addition to the WR room like he was last year.

(Patrick) #82

Just going by what CDH said in his presser yesterday. Said there were only 2 scholarship QBs on the roster

(Patrick) #83


We have 15 guys out of 25 if you compare to other programs and the rankings are cumulative star rankings so that’s nothing to worry about. Look at our star average and that puts us 3rd in conference.


That’s what I said.

(Ben) #86

Was not part of this situation caused by all of the injuries we had this past season ? ? ? ? ?

(CoogNation_14) #87

So does this # need to be higher or lower. Using the word “still” implies that it should be lower no?

(Sam) #88

Same here on Bardwell. A lot of guys played as freshmen for Herman, but I never understood Applewhite not redshirting Bardwell. We’d be in a better place up front now if he were a redshirt sophomore rather than a junior. As it is the OL and QB, the two key areas on offense, are going to have big question marks going into ‘20.


In a perfect world you want to red shirt your O and D linemen and use that year with your S&G coaches. That also gives them a year with the nutritional staff.


Holgorsen visited 60 high schools in 5 weeks, Applewhite probably visited half that much in two years!


You’re right about making our practices available to high school coaches and their players is an extremely smart idea! That’s how you encourage top players to come check your program out that normally wouldn’t have come! Who knows? Once here, they just might like what they see! What Applewhite got against that? You don’t have to have loads of coaching experience to see that that is very important, it’s just common sense!

Another thing I hate about Applewhite is the fact that he completely killed off the buzz we had in social media that Herman had built! When you aren’t a traditional Power5, you want to put your name out there to as many media outlets as possible! Applewhite’s attempt at keeping UH quite and boring like his personality has really killed the momentum and buzz that we had under Herman and he has set us back at least a couple years I’m afraid!

(Ben B) #92

Just because practices aren’t pubic doesn’t mean they didn’t invite HS coaches to them.
I remember seeing tweets from HS coaches talking about visiting UH practices.
If you hate Applewhite, fine, but don’t do it for stuff that isn’t accurate.