Official coaching list Updated 1/30

(sarkcoog) #184

You have to go to bed early as well.

(Patrick) #185

Doug Belk moves to safeties.

(Patrick) #186

Comes over from Cal

(Jimmy Morris) #187

You can take over the thread or just start a new one that isn’t that messy if you want. Kind of feel we waited too long to cut Randy loose and now all the good running back coaches will cost too much to get them out of their current contracts and the decent ones aren’t interested in a one year temp contract to get replaced next year.

(Randy ) #188

We hired Justin Johnson as the 10th assistant.

(Jimmy Morris) #189

When was that made official? It’s not on

Tried refreshing browser to make sure it wasn’t just me.

(Jimmy Morris) #190

I saw the Berman tweet thread. But I don’t see any announcement by UH Football, UH Athletics or anything posted by Justin Johnson.


There were pictures and quotes from him and Carrier.

(Jimmy Morris) #192

Before anyone jumps on me. Not saying it’s not true. Berman is my only source outside of UH Athletics that I trust 100%. Maybe this is that strange Texas employment 10 day rule that seems to show up once every 5 years?

(Jimmy Morris) #193

Yes seen that. He was on campus. He was probably the top candidate. That was 6 days ago though. All of our other hires were posted officially the same day of the announcements. Notice it says “being hired” instead of “has been hired?”

Maybe another buy out stand off?

(Randy ) #194

I’d be really surprised if he weren’t here soon. Berman isn’t one to frequently get stuff wrong and Carrier wouldn’t make public quotes like he has if it weren’t happening. Also, Johnson took down all the TSU stuff from his Twitter account.

(Jimmy Morris) #195

It’s why I used him as my only source to know when to check UHCougars for updates. I’ve never known him to be wrong or jump the gun. Just that it’s been 6 days since he was “being hired.” Something is holding it back. He might have cleared stuff off his twitter but he is still listed on TSU coaching staff.

Dare you to call the phone number listed and see if Justin answers. :slight_smile:

(Sam) #196

Johnson is wearing a red UH hat next to Shannon Dawson on the left side. Looks like a coach/supporter get-together, so I’d think 99% chance he’s on staff or soon will be.

(Sam) #197


TSU is probably slow to get things updated. I’m sure they do not have the IT staff like UH.

(Jimmy Morris) #199

Nah, not blaming TSU. Johnson just changed his twitter page today. Wasn’t like that yesterday. Something held it up but seems official now. I’d be surprised if TSU still shows him on the staff Monday morning.

(Jimmy Morris) #200

How many times are they going to announce Justin? haha

There was something holding it up but we probably will never hear the story on that.

(Patrick) #201

Also hired a defensive recruiting coordinator:

Ryan Kahn | Recruiting Coordinator – Defense
Ryan Kahn was named Recruiting Coordinator for the Defense at Houston in March of 2019 after one season at Northwestern as a football scouting assistant.

• Prior to Northwestern, the Alabama graduate spent the 2017 season as a football personnel/recruiting analyst for the Crimson Tide after one year as football recruiting specialist for the program.

(zx504) #202

Ryan is a SUPERB!!! hire… Northwestern has been tearing up defensive recruiting in Houston for the last couple years. Take a look at the Area Tops list and Northwestern has been getting more top defensive players than all the other Texas schools.


Ryan’s Dad is good people. Moved here from Alabama a couple of years ago. Been to several UH football and basketball games.

I believe Ryan and Belk first met at Alabama.