Official Depth Chart


Edit: Wrong guy

Kingsbury right now

It was this guy:

Interesting seeing Bardwell above Pancotti at RT. Also Nathaniel Dell above Tre’Von Bradley, although WRs in this system are mostly interchangeable. So excited to see this team play on Saturday!

long snapper is a frosh…that’s concerning

putting 12 positions on the offense when there are only 11 on the field makes it confusing who is actually starting lol

other interesting notes, is anenih not be established as the starter and competing for the role…he was our best pass rusher last season and is a senior

the db spots was where the competition was, as expect all the returning cb but damarion were jumped by new comers… not expected is the ucla grad transfer not making the depth chart… curious where kelvin clemmons will be when he is back

also Marquez who is seen as a preseason 1st team all-conference returner has been relegated to the bench, is marcus jones that good?

and not so much Bardwell above Pancotti at RT…but that a Freshman is starting at LT…i would have expected both to start

No Kirven in the 2 deep? Did I miss something?

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so Stevenson is not starting anywhere?

edit - missed him in the H spot further down the list.

Stevenson is clearly starting in the H spot.

I don’t recognize a lot of these names. Who is the DT Payne? He starts?

stevenson starting at WR…not starting as a returner

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My Troy source said Jones is the real deal

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What about Gleson Sprewell? Did the newcomers pass him up as well? Seemed like he was doing well early last year before taking the redshirt. There must be a lot more competition on both sides of the ball on this year’s team.


Baylor Depth Chart

Paul and Bardwell are going to maul people. This OL will be able to move people off of the ball without issue.

yep missed that, my bad.

I saw something from CDH recently (can’t remember where at the moment) where he said Marcus Jones is really, really, really good. I though 3 “reallys” was pretty impressive coming from CDH.


Derek says competition has been fierce for starting spots. That’s great news, you know they all want it.


Starting to get real excited, great opportunity for our guys to make names for themselves


Marcus Jones:


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