Official Game Thread: Tulsa 2018 (W 41-26)


thought you were done

(Mike Higdon) #646

At the time I posted, we were not doing that. You do remember the 3rd quarter don’t you?


Tech recognizes us enough to play us (fairly regularly in fact) which is much more than most schools are willing to do. That’s recognition in my book.

(Ben) #648

I remember an eATMe game in CS . . . . . and a Nebraska 4th and game play . . . . . just two I personally witnessed . . . . .


4 verticals beats 3 safties . It’s the reason Saban changed from Cover 3 to Cover 4 match when NFL DC. Pittsburgh would run 4 verts and kill him


Agree. In fact they have been doing home and home with us the past several years. And we have another home and home coming up in the next four years with them. So as much as I dislike Tech, I will definitely tip my cap to them on that.