OMG!!! OMG!!!

(CoogDentist) #2

WTF was that. Wow I thought they were done.


I’m happy for Case…

(Greg Wall) #4

Way to go Case!

Go Coogs




Well, its not like we haven’t seen Case go the length of the field in 20 seconds before. OMG OMG OMG That never gets old.

(Albert) #7

Same ole case. Yawn. Not impressed. :wink:

(Brad) #8

That was very enjoyable


The Texans traded him for 7rd pick really?

(itcoog) #10

That was Case doing Case things.


Case Keenum now has 1 conference championship appearance and the Texans have none.

(Craig C.) #12

The key was Case threw the ball, so many qbs hold the ball to long.

(User was banned for sending threatening/abusive messages.) #14


Ranks right up there with Brandon Wilson’s kick six return and Laettner’s buzzer beater vs Kentucky for me.


or the immaculate reception

(sphinx drummond) #17

or the Staubach to Pearson “Hail Mary” against the Vikings.

(PortlandCoog) #18

Just watched on DVR, missed it live. Was sitting on my couch with my heart breaking for Case, and then… I watched football immortality bestowed.




Case goes back! Case looks! Case throws! Touchdown!


Words can’t describe how awesome that play was…there I was running around the House again after another Amazing Play by Case Keenum!!!