One more day to declare

One more day for Grimes to declare. My prediction for him and the 2 who declared:

  1. I thk Grimes doesn’t declare
  2. Hinton comes back
  3. Jarreau stays in draft
    Chance for all to predict n see who can get all 3 right.

I don’t think you are too far off.

That all makeS pretty darn good since to me.

Want dejon back though I’ll certainly add.

He’s a hell of a defender!

Same here. But I think he sees Grimes as being in front of him for starting PG. Jmo on why he stays in draft!

I agree that Grimes doesn’t declare, Hinton gets the feed back he’s looking for and returns because he’s not quite there yet, and Jarreau goes to “G” league or whatever they call it.


Grimes does not declare. Hinton and Jarreau come back to school.


Makes for worse case a Top15 program in every pre-season poll.

Since CKS has offered Kevin Cross, a transfer freshman from Arkansas, I wonder if he knows one of Deeky or Nate is not returning. If not, we would need someone else to transfer out or withdraw the offer. Of course, it is possible that the offer to Cross was conditional based on whether someone stays in the draft.

Grimes shouldn’t declare… he would disappear for entire games last season. He is a talent, though.

Hinton - leaves in draft
Jarreau- - comes back
Grimes - comes back


I think Deeky is gone. He has his degree. Might as well earn some coin playing next year.

I didn’t this Armoni was leaving last year but he did. IMO Hinton has more upside than Armoni so I think it depends on what Hinton wants to do.

Grimes needs to stay and be the man next year.

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Grimes could be a man amongst men if everything goes right…

Just imagine what we would be if they all came back though!

I believe this is going to be correct


The best overall players are not necessarily the best NBA players.
Armoni has a chance because he does one thing very well.

Hinton struggled much of the season on offense but did surge towards the end of the season. I think being a leader on our next team and developing more could really help his hls game rather than leaping to the professional environment this summer. Also being that everything is unrest right now and professional opportunities may be limited this year at the least.

IMO, none of them are ready for the NBA; however, what we don’t know is the state of their personal financial situation that declaring early might be a risk worth taking.


I think Jarreau goes, Grimes and Hinton come back.


3 for 3 on the predictions.

Amongst other issues( cannot shoot 3’s) Jarreau cemented his 2021 fate when he bit the Cincy player. Since 1966 have never before seen that.

Guy Lewis would not have let him return nor will Kelvin Sampson.

Sasser, Hinton, Grimes, Mills, Mark, and Snead should do nicely next season.

Thanks for the memories Deeky.


If coach was that upset with Deeky he would been gone last year. But we shall see.
Personally I like Deeky. He has a crazy part to his game but Sampson knows how to handle him.
That said we will be just fine if he moves on to the working world

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im sure you all missed this, but jarreau already said he is most likely coming back in an interview 3 days ago, he just wants to get feedback. that he would leave if an nba team really wanted him but he expects to be back next season…

but carry on with your slander


Thanks pesik. I manage to miss most of the interviews unless they are aired on the radio during drive-time.

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With the day almost gone , I am assuming Grimes is not declaring.

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