OOC schedule

When do we finally find out who we play? I know we know some but I’m really curious as to who else we play

Well we get at home
Okie state
Cincinnati, UConn, Memphis, USF, SMU, Tulsa, Wichita State, UCF, Tulane.

South Carolina
Cincinnati, UConn, Memphis, USF, SMU, Tulsa, Wichita State

Missing 5 games or whatever tournament we will be in this season.

Edit: added rice to away

rice is in there somewhere

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Are we still supposed to be playing a team from the acc? Not sure if that fell through or not.

Duke is scared…:smiling_imp:


I still think it is Virginia.

At Rice is a home game for us…

i hope UH isn’t playing at Lamar.

Diamond Head Classic is a step in the right direction: https://uhcougars.com/news/2018/12/21/mens-basketball-houston-to-compete-at-hawaiian-airlines-diamond-head-classic.aspx

That was the main thing I’m
Wanting to see

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We go to Oregon. And maybe Utah St.

We host BYU & Oklahoma St

We play Rice.

We play at South Carolina in the SEC Challenge.

We play three games in the Diamondhead Classic. Field:

Georgia Tech
Ball St

That leaves four or five games against the Prairie Views, Lamars and UTRGVs of the world, depending on if we return the Utah St game this year.

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The Utah State game was a 1 time thing.

No return game.

That’s good. They’re tough to beat at home.

We need SOS.

We just need a lot of wins and some quality wins.
The schedule is good enough to be seeded high if we are really good.

we could be fine on the assumption that we meet Washington in the pre season tourney…

if we dont meet them (we’re upset or they are upset)…no one else on our schedule is projected to make the tourney
oregon lost 8 players, we dont have lsu this year or utah state …(south carolina not that good)…the rest of the diamond classic not UW will be lucky to get a CBI

if we still have the acc…meet Washington…and we get another utah st quality buy game (or actully utah state again) …our schedule will be great

Portland horrific…if our second round match-up is the ballstate/hawaii winner…then this could end up as horrible as most of our other tourneys


I think you are just being pesik-mistic.


Yep…hopefully Rothstein listed it in the order that the bracket will be played…means we’ll get the Georgia Tech/Boise State winner.

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