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Well you can bet we jack the price way up for their five fans also…

Good thing we have big guards who are really good at rebounding. Sounds like a recipe for long rebounds turning into fast break opportunities. Can’t wait to see some Grimes to Jarreau and Jarreau to Grimes fast break alley oops.

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scrimmage opponent vs ooc opponent


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I really don’t know other than a lot of blue bloods only want to play other blue bloods or patsies, we are neither. I see us being able to upgrade gradually as we continue to improve our standings.

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AND, they don’t want to play at our place !!

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That’s the big one. They do tournaments and home games.

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i watched the replay of the scrimmage between utep and texas tech (since we play both)…
utep won and everyone on social media has said that utep might be extremely good…

after watching: UTEP will be vastly improved (were 300-ish rpi last year) but calling it now texas tech will be one of the biggest flops this season (starting top 20)…when i first started watching i thought utep had a 6-10 pf, and a 7-3 center…after checking the roster, texas tech is just tiny and utep looked big by comparison

techs PF is a skinny 6-6, every center is 6-8 or smallers, all are skinny (they have 1 big true freshman big but he barely got minutes and likely wont be ready this season), none of their main guards are tall or known for defense like culver, they’ll get drastically better as the season comes along, i don’t see how they overcome that size…we should kill them on them boards…utep has a semi muscular 6-8 PF that had his was 19pts 9rbs

Both of Tech bigs are grad transfers. 6-6 Clarke from Va Tech and 6-8 PF from SFA. The freshman is Tyreek smith who we tried to get I think. How was UTEP guard play?

UTEP guard play was good. Daryl Edwards, grad transfer out of LSU, went 6 of 8 from deep and scored 24 points. Lathon, the PG, had 16 points and 8 boards. Boum had 4 assists and locked down Moretti.

UTEP has 7 transfers that are eligible to play this year and 4 holdovers who were all freshmen last year. They only lose the grad transfer from LSU at the end of this year.

About 15 years ago the Miners went from a 6-24 season to 24-8 in one year. They were 8-21 last year and will most likely have as big of a turn around this year. They are good.

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what pacing said . the guard i was most impressed was Jordan Lathon (not sure if you remember a story about a 4star guard who commited to northwestern, but the school wouldnt give him admission, so he had to scramble for a school last minute…yea that is him)

he is a 6’4 PG he is super confident for a player about to be a soph, Daryl Edwards scored most of the points in the middle of the game, but when it was crunch time lathon took most of the shots (including back to back 3s) and hit every freethrow…both also good on D (lathon was on jahmrius ramsey, kept him in check)

Daryl Edwards had a good game but was the main beneficiary of tech being so small, tech had to collapse and pay help D every time someone one went in the post, Leaving him open outside

compared to us i dont see a major threat, but could end up a great net game

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Fun Fact about UTEP

UTEP’s current Football Coach is Dimel. Dimel recruited Barrick Nealy in 2001, but Nealy moved to Texas State (then in the Southland conference). Dominating the scene there, left to go for a professional stint, but didn’t enjoy it too much.

He returned to San Marcos, and became the QB/WR coach at the boarding school there (around 2010). In 2013, the team only had one win. In 2015, the team became state champions. He is now recruiting under Dimel at UTEP!

Goes to show that it takes some time for change to happen, even if it is through assistants and not head coaches. It would be great to see Nealy come out and work here.

Source: Creator of our org was at the boarding school and was surprised to find out Nealy attended and played for Houston for a year when he came here

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Looks like that UTEP game will be a good one


Grand Canyon any good ???

It’s a pretty solid program that takes a lot of Power 5 transfers.

I see them beat Texas Tech last week. If teams like Utep in basketball and Smu in football can win big, just imagine what UH could do in both respected sports. :sunglasses:

If we would have scheduled Arizona State in game 3 we would be playing ASU, ASU, ASU to start the season.


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10 days till the return of UH basketball!!!



When are season tickets going to mailed sent out?

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