Opponent Watch 2018: Arizona

Is there a chance Arizona is not going to play UH in football in 2018?


No chance really…and I can’t imagine a team backing out this late. Has it been done before (mid April, same year cancellation)?

Sorry, this was my bad earlier. The topic read “Potential Opponent Watch 2018: Arizona” and I responded before reading the other threads where the AAC East teams were listed as “Potential”. Otherwise, I would have understood the OP had mistakenly continued that title for Arizona.

Looking forward to this game so was concerned when I saw “potential” earlier.


My fault, I changed the title last night after I saw your post…I should have put a reply saying as such.


“Texas is maybe 200-deep in terms of legit, high-level Division I prospects,” said Greg Biggins, national recruiting analyst for 247Sports. “Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma can’t take every top kid. Sumlin, with those Texas ties, should be able to land two or three of those guys (every year), if not four or five.”

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“They say time heals all wounds,” Sumlin said before attending the Touchdown Club of Houston luncheon at the JW Marriott. “We’ll see. I don’t think time has healed that wound.”

Sumlin joked that he may stand on the sideline for the Sept. 8 game in “shoulder pads and helmet."

In Summies case I suspect that most Coogs hope that time wounds all heels, in an ocupational way


He will be booed unmerciful coming in to the stadium and then mocked as his team gets ran out at stadium. Just my opinion.

I work with several parents of kids that were on that team and he screwed those kids over more than many know. Those who know are going to boo.


I think his comments today imply that he knows exactly why UH fans are still pissed at him.


Yup, as he proceeded to laugh.


im starting a “thank you sumlin” chant at the game.

I’m just going to watch the game and concentrate on whats happening on the field. I can’t see why grown men would want to make fools out of themselves because some who guy used to coach here has come back as an opponent. He isn’t important enough to me for me to waste my time booing him.


nice essay


Arizona Wildcats
Head coach: Kevin Sumlin (first year)

2017 record and S&P+ ranking: 7-6 (48th)

Projected 2018 record and S&P+ ranking: 8-4 (33rd)

Five key points:

With QB Khalil Tate back and Sumlin usually engineering first-year improvement, Arizona will be worth your time.

Veteran OC Noel Mazzone has done some exciting things with mobile QBs before, and Tate is one of the most mobile QBs we’ve ever seen.

The only concern on offense is tenuous depth, both at RB and on the line. The receiving corps is seasoned and exciting.

The defense has been awful for three years, but at least it was awful because of youth last year. A host of sophomores could drive improvement … though that might not happen till 2019.

S&P+ projects five likely wins and seven games projected within a touchdown. That puts both “disappointing 5-7” and “Pac-12 South champs” on the table. Buckle up.


What else would you expect him to say. “Yes Mark it is true. Once I knew I had the A&M job locked up I could care less.”

Those of us at the game could feel in the stands something wasn’t right when they came onto the field. No swagger, little emotion.


Sep 8th is a rare opportunity. Maybe in 2022 UH can face Herman @ TDECU when he is coaching Kansas…or Rice.


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