Opponent Watch 2019-20: Memphis


I keep tellin’ them lol.

If UH at worst would be around a Top 20 preseason, what’s going to keep Memphis with all those new players, hyped and 20 plus wins last year from being around Top 10. Some of them voters are the same ones boasting about their class all over social network.

I’ll say let them be ranked higher and stay there so when UH beats them it’s a big deal and helps our case come seeding time.

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Ok. I missed where you were going with that. My bad. I don’t think they will be top 5 either. I think they will more than likely be top 10, but I could see them around 12-13ish as well.

Either way, it doesn’t matter all that much. They’ve got a loaded class and could be ranked really high when we play them or could be unranked if they can’t put it together right away or at all.

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It would appear that any AAC team ranked high will benefit the Coogs, even if UH loses to them.

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Not quite. A win is almost always going to be better for selection purposes than a loss and a win over a top 50 team is going to be much, much better than a loss to a top 5 team. The difference is that losing to a top 5 team doesn’t hurt your resume at all. Losing to teams below a rough threshold starts to hurt your resume.

I guess it benefits us in the form of tourney credits for the conference and just raising the overall profile of the conference though.

08-09 Kentucky lost in the NIT, 09-10 Kentucky = Preseason AP poll #4



Ayeee… My brothers backing me up :sunglasses:

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Good job. I’ll concede that since it happened before to Kentucky, it could happen to Memphis. I support Progs getting all the help he can get. Facts and reading comprehension aren’t his strong suits.

Progs-1 Shaggy-0
Trying to changed the narrative again, huh @shaggylives :joy::joy::joy:


Some interesting things Memphis 19-20 and Kentucky 09-10 will have in common.

Neither school made the Sweet Sixteen the previous 3 years.
Both schools had the top recruiting class (according to 247) the previous year.

What they don’t have in common.
Kentucky canned their coach after 2009 and replaced him with a two time Naismith and NABC coach of the year.

So my point of contention was wrong. A team can go from the NIT to being ranked top 5. I’ll still be shocked if an unproven coach with one good and one great recruiting class gets anywhere near the same respect that Calapari got with his experience and recruiting class but … it could happen.

Their coaching did get weaker with Mitchell leaving. We’ll see who Penny brings in.

Also, Kentucky lost in the first round of the NIT in 2013 and for the 2013-2014 season were #1 in the AP preseason poll following signing the #1 class.

Kentucky is really good at this NIT to Preseason top 5 gig. I would be curious if any other team has done it.

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RJ Hampton top 5 pg nationally is down to Memphis, Kansas & Texas Tech.

I bet he wasn’t being transparent about Coach Mitchell leaving his program with all those 5* recruits he brought in!


I’m still not entirely sold on Penny as an Xs and Os coach, but he got way more out of last year’s roster than Tubby Smith just by making them into an NIT team. Though, I am sure Sam Mitchell was no small part of that and he’s now gone

Just hard not to see them as one of the best 2-3 teams in the AAC at bare minimum with that much talent coming in.

  1. Houston
  2. Memphis

Everyone else…

Wichita State finishes ahead of Memphis in the conference rankings and goes further in the NCAA tourney than Memphis. Last year was a rebuilding year. Marshall doesn’t recruit 5 star one and done. Like Sampson, he develops players. They won’t be part of the “everyone else” in the standings or ratings.

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I don’t know, they haven’t been really good since theyve joined a real league. Lets just hope they come to play this year coming up :pray:

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I don’t care what anyone else does. I just want us to keep kicking arse and taking they ladies. :sunglasses: