Opponent Watch 2019-20: Memphis

The first season they finished tied with us for 2nd place and were ranked in the top 25 for the entire season. This is where you would add 3 laughing emojis.

I suspect the conference is morphing into the following programs (not a prediction for next year):

Sweet 16 / Elite 8: Houston, Memphis, UConn (I think they are back), Wichita State

Tournament Teams: Temple (tons of potential), Cincinnati (I think they take a step back as a program)

NIT / sometimes tournament: SMU (tons of potential), UCF, USF(I think USF has a higher ceiling than UCF).

NIT: Tulsa (in their best years they could be a tournament team)

Dreadful: ECU, Tulane

That is a pretty good conference. I think the Houston, Memphis, UConn, Wichita State arms race will propel the conference into an elite status.

All I know is that CKS has his best team in Houston or should I say most talented :thinking:

The AAC as a steady 5 or 6 bid league seems realistic soon.


Until the Cronin jump and subsequent implosion I thought we might be there this year. Instead we’re looking at a three bid league, maybe four. Still pretty decent.
I also think more will make second round of NCAA tournament this year. As I thin Memphis, WIch St and UH all should be favored to make round of 32.

What Cincy implosion? They have another coach, he may be better or worse than Cronin, who knows yet?

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Nearly everyone on the roster is leaving early or transferring. New guy is essentially starting from scratch.

Well that leaves him with a clean canvas, he can paint his own picture. Not sure how coming in late will affect his recruiting, that will probably suffer for a year or so. It sounds similar to when CKS took over at UH; that turned out pretty well.

Yes, but in my post I said I thought we would be a five bid conference this year until the Cincy implosion. Not talking about four years from now.

4 years from now :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

cincy hasnt imploded yet…

and they have a had a ton of transfers but its been almost exclusively been bench players…theyve lost 6 players their combined points they lost per game is like 14…and if you remove nysier brooks its like 4…

their best 3 players are still on the roster (cumberland, keith william and tre scott)…if cumberland leaves we can officially count them as imploded

there are still opportunities that they could end up great…jarron cumberland has a cousin jaevin cumberland who is a 18pt grad transfer who cincy is recruiting, cincy is in on 12pt per psu freshmen transfer rasir bolton (who will seek a waiver), and a 5pt per 7’0 grad transfer …
land all 3, get a waiver for bolton and you could argue uc is in better shape than they were before cronin left

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So, they only need like 5 more players, Pesik? So, 40% of their roster. Lol. As of right now, Cincy has imploded.

cincy has added 2 players …im not high on them so didnt mention it … they have 4 ships left…
if they land the 3 above, they will only have 1 open spot

and cincy wasnt deep last year…and they finished second… cumberland, williams an scott regularly did 35+ mins last season…

a scenerio/question for you: imagine losing harris, greshman, mills, alley, sasser and roberts…everyone else is staying (dejon, hinton, armoni, fabian, gorham etc…)…but we were top 3 for a 18pt per grad transfer (who has top offers), and 12 pt per transfer and a 6’10 quality big… would you consider houston to be imploded and about to have a bad year?

Wichita State, Memphis, UCONN, USF will all be better than last year. Cincy is not finishing anywhere near the top this year. I see them finishing 5th, even with Cumberland back.

Cumberland being back is huge.

  1. Houston
  2. Cincinnati (here until proven otherwise)
  3. Memphis
    4-8. USF, Wichita State, UCONN, Temple
  4. ECU
  5. SMU
  6. UCF
  7. Tulane

ECU just landed a real good HS’19 center that picked ECU over Duke.

Looks like RJ Hampton is skipping college And playing overseas in New Zealand

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Memphis didn’t need him if Tucker withdraws from the NBA draft. See… Some of these top talents have one foot out of the door before they even take a step to campus. This is why I like how CKS recruits.

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I don’t know why more top kids don’t do this. Get paid for a year, no asst coach breathing down your neck to get to class, good level of competition. One disadvantage is college facilities like ours and good coaches who will develop you, including strength coaches like Bishop, probably aren’t overseas currently. I’d also say you wouldn’t have as much of a microscope under you overseas. More space to have some fun. Read RJ’s article he has some good quotes.


Because everyone who goes overseas has their stock drop

Most of them aren’t ready for the pros, and playing 30 yr old men … They go there look really bad and NBA teams stop wanting them

No one has gone overseas and come back a stronger pick…this experiment will be interesting as Hampton is skinny … he also isnt a winner, he is a scorer and the new Zealand team he’ll play for isn’t good