Opponent Watch 2019-20: Memphis

Yeah. Very few guys have done it and the ones that did had some eligibility concerns and it didn’t work out well in terms of improving their stock. It’s a major lifestyle adjustment as-is playing against grown men. But it’s also such a small number of guys that we can’t draw any definitive conclusions.

I think for the right guy it could make sense. But for most it doesn’t. The college experience is also something that a lot of elite guys seem to like as well, even though they resent not getting paid and they’d rather be in the NBA a year earlier.

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SMU commit Mudiay a couple years back bailed on ‘em and went to China. Was drafted 7th overall year after. Didn’t hurt his stock.

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Yep. But as far as developing as a player, it did affect their potential.

mudiay was consider a guaranteed top 3 pick, favorite for the #1 over all pick before the china …mudiay was actually one of the 3 players i had in my mind when i wrote that response …his stock took a crazy hit

heres an article of mudiays story

Mudiay was developing an even higher profile, fielding offers from top collegiate programs and being touted as a possible No. 1 draft pick come 2015.

Mudiay knew his peers back home were becoming stars while he was riding the bench, his draft stock dropping.

It’s hard to tell how much of his stock dropping was due to playing overseas, though. It’s fairly common for top recruits’ stocks to drop a little after there’s more film and scouts have an opportunity to see a year of development. Mudiay was the Number 2 recruit for his year. Some examples of previous years’ Number 2 recruits include Michael Porter (drafted 14th overall), Harry Giles (20th overall), Skai Labissiere (28th overall), and Julius Randle (7th overall).

Giles and Porter both dropped because of injuries.

I agree that Mudiay may have dropped had he gone to SMU and we can’t draw too much from the very few number of guys who have done that.

But so far of the very few guys who have done it, no one has improved or really maintained their draft stock vs. projections after high school.

Is falling from possible #2 to actual #7 a crazy hit?
Kind of a stretch.

Honestly though just about every player could use at least a year or two in college; the only real exceptions to that are no brainers, Ben Simmons, Zion et cet. And that’s like 1 guy every two or three years.

I agree with everything else, but where are you getting this from?

I think he will do a lot better than Terrance Ferguson who was just an athlete. RJ is a smart player who really knows the game so he has a better chance than most of the guys who have gone straight overseas before. Still, going to Duke/Kansas and being average would have kept him as a top 10 pick. He will slide to late 1st round if he is average in Australia/New Zealand.

the new zealand team he is playing for has been hyping getting a “major prospect” for the last 2 weeks who will sell out their arena regularly…everyone thought it was going to be lamelo ball, so they made a couple videos on youtube discussing the team…they are a historical power but have been really bad recently (in the NBL/ the Australian league/they are like the raptor of that league)

also ive followed rj hampton for a while as he was a major target for us 2 years ago, and i still followed him after becuase everyone projected him to memphis…also because him and jamal played on the same aau team

rj is elite offense, who rarely wins at a top level…his last 3 years aau team were horrible (all on different teams)…his high school team is only slightly above average despite having many top prospects …

wherever he goes, he gets 30+pts per game but the teams are never good…this summer he lead all of nikeEYBL in scoring before reclassifying…but note that they went 0-4 in that stretch…since reclassifying, a now short handed DriveNation(the aau team), now lead by jamal finished 5-4 …
rj is also a bit soft/ known flopper (in his words “he is very good at drawing fouls”), he also is very skinny…foreign leagues allow you to be way more physical on defense without calling a foul…im curious how he will adapt, mudiay said that was the biggest adjustment he had to overcome

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I have done business in NBL Australia and know the organizations pretty well. It’s a very balanced league and 4 championships in 9 years is super impressive even if they have missed the playoffs by a couple games the last two years. A lot hinges on the imports so having an 18 year old surely wont put them over the top this year, unless RJ is that special of a player. I think he will have more of an impact than Ferguson and Bowen though.

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Memphis doesn’t land Rayjon Tucker.


Wow they are screwed now. Memphis is full implosion.

With probably the best recruiting class in the country, I assume your tongue was planted in your cheek.

If going from a “guaranteed” top 3 pick to a number 7 pick overall is a crazy hit on a player’s stock, then I guess Ed Oliver’s stock took an ultra crazy hit coming to UH?

ed wasnt a top 3 draft pick coming into UH…he wasnt even a top 3 recruit …his composite was 7…

you are referencing fluctuation that happened while he was at UH…he became a “guarantied top 3 pick” AFTER the Oklahoma game…his stock rose and fell while at UH…not prior…
and football is different with so many spots and so many positions… you are comparing a 300 person draft to a 60 person draft

Just now on Vol radio: so now Memphis will beat us by only 15 instead of 25. For context they’re losing a lot to the draft.

Penny Hardaway and his staff have assembled the No. 1 recruiting class in America — a program first. There may be another addition before the season begins, but by and large, this is the roster: Seven super-talented newcomers and only three returning contributors from this season’s team. Naturally, everyone is wondering how Hardaway is going to carve up the minutes and, perhaps more important, keep everybody happy.

This is the challenge that comes with having so much young talent on the roster. Roles have to be defined early on. But that task really isn’t as complicated as it seems — especially with Rayjon Tucker, a graduate transfer commitment, remaining in the NBA Draft. Here’s our crack at figuring out the rotation for the most talented Memphis basketball team in recent memory.

Believes the following will start:
-Wiseman - FR
-Achiuwa - FR
-Jeffries - FR
-Ellis - FR
-Harris - SO/Quinones - SO


It is impossible not to notice Memphis head coach Penny Hardaway when he walks into a gym

For starters, he’s 6-foot-8 and still looks like he is in good enough shape to go out and play in an NBA game. He also happens to typically be flanked by Mike Miller, another recognizable 6-foot-8 former NBA player who is best known as the sniper that teamed up with LeBron.

But it’s more than that with Penny. Between the brand-new snapbacks, the multiple $3,000 Louis Vuitton backpacks he rotates through on the road, the suped-up Mercedes Sprinter Van he and his staff travels on and the Foamposites – the final release of his signature shoe line – that he wears, he is as recognizable as any coach in the gym.

And that certainly has helped play a role in his ability to get in the mix with just about any recruit that he wants at the high school level – Jalen Green, Terrence Clarke, Greg Brown.

Everyone knew he was going to land James Wiseman once he got the Memphis job, but what really made waves was the fact that the Tigers landed talents like Precious Achiuwa and Lester Quinones, highly-regarded recruits out of New York.

The key for the Tigers moving forward is going to be simple: Can Penny turn the talent he brings into his program into winners in college that get picked high in the NBA draft?

Remember, Josh Pastner was a promising recruiter at one point in his career. His first recruiting class included a five-star Memphis kid (Joe Jackson) and a five-star out-of-star recruit (Will Barton). Barton has turned into a good pro, but it took him two years to get to the NBA and he was the No. 40 pick when he eventually left. Jackson ended up spending four years in college. He’s never played an NBA game.

The difference between Coach K, John Calipari and the rest of college basketball is that those two consistently turn elite recruits into successful college players and early draft picks.

Penny will need to prove he can do the same."

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Well it’s obvious what his selling point to recruits is. Too bad he didn’t use more of that NBA-ready spacing last year.

“Modern day NBA” concepts made me laugh, tho