Opponent Watch 2019-20: Memphis

You guys worry too much. Memphis will be hard to beat at home because they have always been hard to beat at home but when they hit the road, coaching matters.

Pastner’s 2010 class

He managed 3 straight tournament championships in a crappy 1 bid conference, no AP top 25 wins in those 3 seasons and no sweet sixteen appearances.


Exactly they had some big recruiting classes then! The big question is weather Penny is more like Pastner or more like a Callipari?

Pastner had no business being a HC anywhere and it showed.
He could initially recruit talented players with his family’s connections but once they got there many were scrambling trying to get out of there.

Maybe he coaches like Pastner, but cheats like Calapari !


While I have absolutely zero proof that anyone at Memphis is doing anything dishonorable…



Agreed…Memphis will not be any more talented than Kentucky was and we certainly had a chance to win that game…

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Kentucky has had some awkward NIT years with all the talent in the world…who couldn’t wait to get away from each other and into an NBA contract. There’s a risk with one and dones.

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They may be NIT bound or they may be the next Fab 5. Either way, more attention for the conference is good for us. All the ACC teams are helped, not hurt, by having Duke and UNC in their conference, for example.

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Just one with Cal. The strategy has worked really well for them since he got there.

Was that the Harrison twins first year?

This implies Penny has earned his stripes to be a head coach at a historically top 50 basketball program.

Disagree. Kentucky didn’t had anyone as good as Wiseman and for a matter a fact a consensus top 10 player.

{ Wiseman #1 player in the country & Precious Achiuwa top 10 }

Not true. His record is 215-126 and the ACC Coach of the Year in 2017, so he’s doing something right.

Has he been a head coach for 10 to 12 years ??

Those number seem a little high.

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Yes, 10 years.

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He took over a goldmine with tons of talent and watched the ship sink more and more until the day he left

Even with all that talent when matched talent wise they typically got outclassed.

I did not imply anything with Hardaway. However he did at least play the game and for many years so yeah I still put him ahead and JP in pecking order but still not very high when compared to those who have paid their dues.

memphis’ grad transfer commit is technically still in the NBA draft process

there are heavy rumors that if rayjon (the grad transfer) stays in the draft that rj hampton (5star top 10 recruit) will go to memphis, that there is a heavy desire by hampton to play for memphis and penny

rj hamption borderline confirms it on twitter, by quoting a tweet talking about that possibility with an eye emoji next to it

Progs the point was that Kentucky was loaded with five star talent…I was not comparing players that Memphis signed, just pointing out that we can compete regardless.
Wiseman may be a special player…but we have a few ourselves. I think Penny is a decent coach and will have Memphis dancing, but let’s see how it works out…
And by the way, Kentucky had the five star talent, but we had the six star hearts…

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I’d bet on Gresham as the starting 5.