Opponent Watch 2019-20: Memphis

We need him and Harris in the rotation. 6-9 & 6-10 can’t teach size & athleticism. Young buck Roberts is 6-8 as well.

It depends on how well they jell as a team in just a matter of months. I don’t think they can do it quickly enough to beat us. The issue becomes getting 18 year olds to do in a short time what the Lakers
could not do in a season

Didnt they all play together in aau? He’s got it practically in the bag.

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They’re not toothless, they have been bought off.

They’re some smoke coming out that 5 star Trendon Watford from Ala. is heading to Memphis. Jaden Hardaway would become a walk-on.

What’s that, like 20, 25 signees so far? Feel like they’re building a football recruiting class.


A great one at that.

Haha yeah. Imagine Wiseman at wide receiver. Might not outrun anybody but good luck breaking up that pass.

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Lol. Right. Only problem is Penny only going to be able to play a 10 man rotation.

I was thinking the same thing. Even if two or three guys get drafted after this year he’ll replace them with more highly ranked recruits. A couple of this years guys might be riding pine 35 minutes a game and transfer out after 1 season.

Such a terrible problem to have. Poor Memphis.

We have our ten:


All of our players should see major minutes throughout the season.

Our small lineup and possibly the one that finishes a lot of games I see as Jarreau, Mills, Brooks, Hinton and White.

Young team and a young coach means they’ll probably have issues at some points next year even with all that talent. Definitely be interesting to see what they do.

They don’t have a Zion lol. That’s the bright spot. And their shooting may not be great. But you bet your arse Harris & Gresham will play alot with all that size Memphis brings against them @RWcoog

Not sure why you aimed that at me.
Never said Harris and Gresham would not play and never mentioned anything about our matchups with Memphis. No need to since I have not see that team play.

Sometimes you just try too hard progs.



Jon Rothstein ‏Verified account @ JonRothstein 20h20 hours ago

2019 prospect Trendon Watford has committed to LSU, he announced. Top 25 player in class.

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Big loss for Penny. He was their Xs and Os guy and was the guy in the huddle drawing up plays.

Maybe they bring in Larry Brown now…

Guessing Mitchell wants to get back in the NBA.

If you read down to the bottom of the article Penny said Brown as a coach is not an option anymore. He said he would accept him as a mentor. Awfully nice of him. SMH

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