OSU can't stop Tech either

At least not yet. Bowman is incredibly accurate and Tech receivers drop nothing.

And no I’m not saying I’m happy with our D.


and i just put his in the other thread…

okstate leads the nations in sack, and had the best pass rush in the nation

it is basically useless vs tech…the announcers said as much, that he is releaseing the ball so fast

but im sure it was our “bad pass rush” that cost us the game *sarcasm


I had this game pegged wrong. I thought Tech would come out flat after a track meet last week.

I hated the game last week. I gotta give bowman credit.

Kid is legit.

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Our defense sucked in that game…period.


that is a fact…

but at some point, we have to look at how much of it was tech making us suck and how much of it will it be us sucking vs everyone else

the tech game is over, if we win out we have a chance at a ny6…we are looking at our chances at that


can’t argue with that

31-17 tech on road.

OSU in real trouble. If Tech goes up by three scores, forget about it!

Bowman… doing his thing on the road.

Tech 34 OSU 17
Less than 2 minutes left in the 3rd Qtr

Tech is one of the biggest chokers I’ve ever seen. You heard it here first: they will implode in the 4th quarter and OSU will win this, possibly by double digits. Just wait.

So far the choke job belongs to OSU.

Tech’s choking comes in the last 6-7 minutes of games. They coughed up an 18 point lead against West Virginia last year with 5 minutes to go. I’m telling you, Kliff has a knack for that stuff against everyone except us.

So Kliff uses his last TO on 4th and 1 avoiding the delay penalty to only send them back out to take a delay penalty? Interesting. If Major did that…

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He’s a terrible coach in game management. I’m telling you, they will blow this.

Gutsy call dude! I bow down to your conviction but I will take TT for the win.

I like happy hour too… will you eat some crow if you’re wrong?

That counter play was a great call


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