OT: Anyone going to the XFL Game?

Anyone going to TDECU for the XFL game today?


From the looks of the pics on Twitter no one went

Unfortunately the league won’t last, the spring football doesn’t draw much interest

The game starts at 4, so it might be a bit early to count seats in pictures. I have the Seattle/DC game on right now, they seem to have a decent crowd.


I more worried about all our season ticket holders showing up at Fertitta Center!


Nice crowd


Looks like more than we had at any game the last 2 years…

Im at the game the entire lower bowl is packed and so is a good majority of the second deck.

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Not to sound like a Cougar but…

We need to recruit a new kicker. This CFL guy is awful.

Crowd looks decent.
But to be honest, the financial viability of the league has a lot more to do with TV audience than fan attendance.
If people watch, the money will keep coming.


I’m in Section 228. The concession lines are crazy.

I’ve been watching. It’s actually entertaining. More so than pro.

There is no D.


TDECU Stadium looks good on TV.
Will add value to the stadium naming right contract once that comes up for renewal.
Like that John O’Quinn Field is painted in the turf.
Would like to install a permanent UH logo somewhere.
Need to install that third replay screen in the Northeast corner now.


Final score:
Houston - 37
LA - 17


Lines were extremely long to enter on the Scott St. side. The concession stand lines were ridiculous. They were obviously unprepared to handle the crowd. If you go you’d be smart to bring your own food in unless you don’t mind missing an entire quarter of action.

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DC vs Seattle announced attendance of 17K and some change.

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This is bad news for those here who were so happy that they would outdraw us

You’re not lying!! Missed the whole 3rd in line! I’d hate to see what the lines would look like with a full house.

The profit mechanism are different. And XFL has a huge advertising leverage. It’s part of the reason McMahon moved Smackdown to prime time Friday on Fox. He gets great advertising at a great time.

I had tickets but had to work. I watched some of it. It looked fun as hell.