OT: Anyone going to the XFL Game?

There was a double forward pass during the Seattle vs DC game. Its in the highlights also if you want to see it.

I was at the game in section 104. The game was a blast for me and my dad, crowd was great, and the stadium was loud. I had no problem with the concessions i got my food in 10 minutes. I definitely will be going next Sunday too and i look forward to getting to tailgate this time.


Just in case you guys didn’t get the email, another promo code for UH fans: UHXFLHG2


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The opponent might be hungover.

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That’s cool St. Louis. I remember my first wine cooler.


Luck said this morning that in the DC game the fans were chanting “MVP” at their QB after some nice throws. I like a fanbase that does not take things so seriously

Got the DC NY game on and I’m getting uncomfortable flashbacks watching Pumphrey go off for DC.

D’Juan Hines just got an interception for the NY Guardians. Go Coogs!


I’d like to go tomorrow but that was before I came down with some serious body aches Froday morning.

The DC team looked good. The Guardians have some work to do.

I like the Vipers helmets.

It’s not pro football or college football…but its football.

It’s taking a bit to get used to the kick offs but I agree it makes it safer for players.

I could see a variant of this rule trickling down to HS football.


That has to be fun to play — five yards in front of your guy right before a game.

It looks like they’re getting the same field position result this far. I can see some going for huge pickups too — same excitement without the risk.

Farrow #20 Seattle playing now.


It does seem safer, people aren’t crashing into each other at full speed.

I also like the punt rules and how if a team is at the opponent’s 35-40 it might be best to go for it on 4th down.


Glad to see Farrow still getting paid to play ball! Go Dragons! Haha #xfl

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That crowd in a Seattle was ### loud.


I had a good time at the opener last week, so I’m going to be there tomorrow.


Will be leaving Dallas tomorrow about noon. Will not make the game but so far, the games seem exciting

As a strategy, I wonder if it’s better for the kicker to kick the ball just a bit short, preferably within 5 yards or so behind the receiving line.

They have a rule where it has to pass the 20 or it is a penalty.

I will be at the game today. 14 bucks a ticket ain’t bad.

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True. I am sick and can’t make it but will tune in and help ratings.