OT: Astros win!

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World champs baby. H-town!

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #2

Somewhere on this planet old Terry Puhl, Art Howe, Jose Cruz, Cesar Cedeno, Bob Watson, Alan Ashby, JR Richards, Mike Scott, Kevin Bass, Billy Hatcher and Chester Charge are smiling.



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Its been some ride. This was such a great post season all around and for the Astros to bring home the title has been so awesome to watch.

(Ryon Adams) #8

Anyone here still think that moving to the American League was a bad decision?

(Jerrycoog) #9

Just like I said when it happened it sucks, but if they win no one will care.

(Ryon Adams) #10

I didn’t say it sucked when it happened though. I was happy about it. Always liked the AL with its DHs more. Watching the pitchers hit is downright PAINFUL!!!

(PMM) #11

I feel sorry for Mattess Mac😎


At least the parade is on Friday or TDECU would’ve been empty for homecoming lol


Mods pls move… PSYYYYCHEEE. GO STROS!!!


Waited 40+ years for this. Only HTown team I love as much as my Coogs

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Hal Woodeshick

Opps, sorry Hal died in 2009.

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As a young teen I was a huge Astros fan from around 1991-1993. this was the Bagwell, Biggio, Camineti, Gonzales era with Art Howe.

I then left baseball all together in 1994, and only re-started watching this season. I’m pretty giddy for the city and all fans who’ve followed them since that 90s era (and earlier). Long time coming and from what I saw the roster is replete with amazing people - Altuve, Bregman, Springer and Verlander all seem like really good dudes.

It’s enough to get over my soreness over McLane not signing a pact with Bud Adams to build a new stadium.

Props to the Astros and all their fans.


Springer - AAC alumnus - Uconn

(J V ) #19

Regarding moving the the American League it is still kinda weird. Especially when you consider the history the Astros had with the dodgers. But I am enjoying it. Wished for an Astros cubs WS but I will take it.

I was talking with my son about the SI cover jink. I guess it still holds true, just not for the Astros. Look at the upper right. 2017 was not good for the USMNT, they did not make the World Cup. Ouch.

Go Astros!

(Dustin K) #20

Any chance we can get SI to declare the Cougars championship in a future year?