OT: Hate to state the obvious

The Texans are incompetent.

Seriously Texans, firing your GM after one year?

They are a boring less charming or colorful version of the Oilers.


Gaines had started to get the team balanced and set up to have competent players at all positions. Any move that gives BOB more stroke is a step backward in my opinion.


It SHOULD have been BILL OBRIEN, he is the one that is holding the Texans back, not the GM!!! Horrible coaches find ways to lose…Bill Obrien needs to go, now!!! 3 GMs same coach, you do the math.


Their Drafts picks were sub par this year. I’d be mad too.

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He also mismanaged free agency.


Just more room in the press for Coog Football.


He was the best GM they have had which is saying nothing. He was fired for his office indiscretions.

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Moronic to let him draft & handle free agency then fire him.


Smells like a power play to me and Gaines lost.

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I am a native Houstonian who rides and dies with our local teams.

With that said, I am embarassed to have the Houston Texans in our city. They have got to be the most arrogant and narcissistic of all the pro sports team that has accomolished NOTHING.

Nada in almost two decades of existence!

I actually am starting to get upset just watching their games.

I just feel for those that actually spend thousands of dollars, each season, supporting this dumpster fire.


Embrace the healing power of significantly reducing your interest or completely ignoring professional sports.


This city will forgive you for a lot of things but being mediocre and boring is not one if them.


As a huge Oilers Fan, I never embraced them. They have been a disappiontment since the unveiling of the logo. Bill Obrien, I never embraced and a guy who struggled to win at Penn State at 7-4, that is who we hire at Head Coach.


And he fired Case…twice!!!


More please?

I am a Cougar through and thru. I really don’t care at all about ANY Pro teams. I hope our local teams do well, but in reality I really don’t care. My money and efforts have always been centered around the Coogs.

O Brien is a straight up moron. I am being as kind as I am able. The Texan front office has been run by a Clown Brigade since day one. Imagine if the Texans had been managed by the Astros owner…wow. You have a city dying for a winner, and the Texans just continue to define mediocrity.

So. I wish the Texans well. But if you want to back a winner, watch the most exciting and innovative offenses in the USA, then spend your season ticket dollars on the Coogs and have a buttload of fun…
Go Coogs !!!


O’Brien stepped in at Penn State in the immediate aftermath of the Sandusky scandal. Its a miracle he went 7-4. I think he was hired here because of his association with Patriots and their success.

This is important for them. Can they build on a 11-5 season or will they back slide to 8-8?


Under on 8 - 8…I think with his coaching 7 - 9 at best.

I believe THE OBVIOUS is that D Cal McNair is not going to put up with incompetence …

Janice McNair is the principal owner BUT she is leaving all decisions to her son D. Cal …

D. Cal was a four-year football starter at UT and currently on the UT council for athletics … he also has a masters from Rice and is a home grown Houston product having gone to Cypress Fairbanks HS … so one can say that his knowledge of the sport is NOT LACKING … even though he is a horn …


He appears to have upgraded the OL which was his prime need. Wait a few years and see who’s playing before you say this draft was sub-par.