OT: Herman to Ohio State

(Edward ) #1

Just for kicks

(Dan) #2

Yes please.

(Mark Jacob) #3

There goes Herman! :joy:


I would just sit and smile for a good 30 seconds if that happened.

(Dave) #5

Uhhh … Herman is STUCK on the 40 acres … for better or worse … probably worse after the dawgs wind up rearranging his patootie on New Years day …

My guess … the current OC at Columbus will take over when subUrban Meyer retires due to watevar phony health reasons (angry fans and B1G media who want his scalp)

(J V ) #6

His agent will claim he is a candidate for the job and then squeeze UT for more money.


Sumlin to Columbus!!

(Tom Green) #8

Close thread please. Non story. Job taken. Plus he has the job he desperately wanted.

(David) #9

He burned every bridge to tOSU when he threw his former boss and colleague under the bus this season. Better hope he finds that magic dust to sprinkle on his 4-loss (soon to be 5 probably), 2nd place team going forward.

(Munzell Milluns) #10

I don’t care if he goes or not.I want media types to claim he wants it so his wife will go off on twatter.

Then, maybe the other twatter lunatics from the OSU staff will join in.

Get.Popcorn. Ready


Sumlin? No! That proper southern twang will not go over well in the north.


I thought Sumlin was a Northern guy, didn’t he play at Purdue?


Well you can take the boy from the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy.

He’s from Brewton, Alabama. Exactly.


He should’ve stayed here until the OSU job opened up. I would have understood if he left then, no bitterness. He could have been legendary…


Legendary status is reserved for honorable people. He is without honor. (Enter a Klingon curse).


Applewhite to Ohio State?


The OC is taking over for Meyer after he retires at the end of the season.

(Munzell Milluns) #18

Can we at least start the rumor Herman sabotaged the DC?

(Dan) #19

If it came with an asst head coach title like CKB has CMA could be intrigued.

(Chris) #20

It is confirmed judas is on his was to ohio state. There is no time to explain.