OT: Important information about the A&M/Texas game's return


I think this survey is kind of worthless but if 40% of the State of Texas actually did care about this game and would watch it (I’m not convinced that’s true) that would be a massive number. I doubt there are many instances of this game ever getting close to a 40 rating in Texas, or at least not in the semi-modern broadcast era.


Ah, so Moncoog’s looking at it in terms of actual TV rating numbers, which would be significant. I’m looking at it like an opinion poll


I’m not sure he’s looking at it that way either. I’m just pointing out that if 40% of the state really does care about the game that’s actually extremely good, but I’m not going to put too much stock into that number meaning anything based on how this poll was conducted. I think the poll by itself is pretty worthless overall.


I didn’t even click on the link and have no idea what in the hell you people are even talking about. I just wee-man kicked myself in the face for even clicking on this post due to the thread title and am about to go rack my sack on a fence post for replying to it.


video or it didn’t happen


I’m still waiting for the “important information” about this non-event and how it affects us.


Ol’ Gard is firmly in the 46 percent. It’s instructive that almost half the people in this state don’t care.

Hatred isn’t the opposite of love. Indifference is.

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Well said. Love and Hatred and passions. The opposite of passion is indifference.


Did the “important” part ever get explained? I can’t imagine what it might be.


Not “afraid” - just jumped at their chance to get out from under the arrogant domination of the whorns; heck of a price to pay! No one hates the gaggies more than I, but I have to admit my admiration for that decision.


Back in the day, UH could not compete with that rivalry game.

I hope they remain divorced.

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I didn’t realize 2 teams I have no interest in watching didn’t play each other.


I dont care…wont watch.


Quick question…who cares??


Just Don’t Do It


Polls in Texas don’t always give you the right perspective. There are so many people that move into Texas every year from other parts of the country that if you ask them about Texas v AM, they probably will say they don’t care. But people who have been here awhile know that Thanksgiving is not the same without that game. Now Thanksgiving is about family and I don’t even like most of my family (kidding).

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This is false. Their Chancellor or AD already came out and publicly stated that their schedule is already too hard to add UT to the mix. This was like two months ago.

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They can both rot in hell


Who cares about UT playing A&M?