OU game will have a lot of eyes 👀

Lol, David had no chance against Goliath, Toronto had no chance against Golden State, no way will the Oilers lose a 32 point lead in the 3rd quarter with Jim Kelly out a Frank Reich in, Phoenix Suns would never lose a 3 - 1 playoff lead in second round to the Houston Rockets, etc…

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In addition to that I think Herman had the team in mid season physical shape to start that first game (lead to numerous training injuries) that OU wasn’t ready to get the snot knocked out of them in game1!!

This is why you lace them up. You never know…


If you think UofH will win print some money and take the 27 points Vegas is giving OU to beat us. UofH is likely going to lose, but I will be there to watch it go down.

Hurts is better than we are giving him credit for AND the OU Line has talent similar to Alabama’s .
OU is just reloading and we are in their cross hairs.

W[quote=“Bear1132017, post:106, topic:18650”]
Hurts is better than we are giving him credit for

King isnt chopped liver, either…

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