Our Administration and Invitations from P5s


People forgetting that this thread is an opinion/wish list thread, not a reality based thread. If someone prefers the Sunbelt over the B12, it is their opinion, we don’t need the reality check.

Everyone knows the first P5 comes knocking we will take it.

(Cristian) #82

You missed the point entirely.

(Ryon Adams) #83

I agree that what our fans think will NOT drive, nor prevent, any such invite.

If the Big 12 (or any other P5) invites us, it’ll be because a) we help them in terms of competition, TV markets, revenues, recruiting, academic reputation, etc., and b) no other team would add as much is in those areas as we do.

How our fans feel about it wouldn’t play a role at all in preventing an invite. In fact, the hatred that UH fans historically have for schools like UT and Baylor (as former SWC members) might actually improve our chances, simply because those “local rivalries” and “historical rivalries” help to generate greater fan interest, which, in turn, results in greater attendance, road game travel, TV ratings, revenues, etc.


No it isn’t. As has been proven numerous times, adding us has no bearing on recruiting and “locking” the area to recruit to a particular conference.


Although Big12-2 is not my first choice for a variety of reasons, I dont think we will face same situation if we are invited and do join them. I think we have more political clout now then we did back then. Also, i THINK it is harder to conceal activities seen as an attack or threat to our school. With the way the media is operating these days, an act by UT could backfire in a big way. I think the UT-Houston attempt is a good example.

(P5_OR_BUST) #86

I wonder if Texas would want to be in a conference with UH? The lack of trust, and let’s face it people think only a minority of fans hate UT and the Big 12, when in fact Big 12 membership would be a worst case scenario (I.e no one else wants us) for the vast majority of UH fans.

UH fan/supporter hate may not be a deciding factor, it will be a factor considered (particularly as UT will have serious reservations).

(Ryon Adams) #87

Gee, I figured they’d want a local public U. in-state rival that’s within easy driving distance.

After all, they lost that rival (aTm) when aTm left for the SEC.

But perhaps I don’t understand the way that they think.

(Bryant Hargrave) #88

That’s thinking like a fan not a ruthless business organization with a penchant for the petty.

IDodds made that transformation at Texas, they were always jerks. But they moved from rival jerks but still in line with the college football world, to now they are lees college program and more a focused business organization that operates with as little regards door anyone else as possible. It’s all about them at all times. Everyone else is as meaningless as possible.

(Alex Whitlock) #89

Yes, it would still be a step up. Not the least of which because if we decline other teams would go and our current conference would become weaker than it currently is.

But even if that weren’t the case, the bottom of their conference is stronger than the bottom of ours. We can bring all of the teams that would improve the Big 12, and leave behind the ones that wouldn’t. Iowa State is probably their least useful school and they would be middling members at worst in the AAC.

(Chris) #90

Tell that to Barry Switzer and many others.

It has always been about recruiting and controlling the Houston greater area. That is why we are not in the small12.

(Chris) #91

Of course we would take the invite if this is the only one on the table. In case all P5’s would invite us or just two (including small12) I would accept the non small12. Getting a P5 invite and be as far away from uta is the key to our success.

(Ryon Adams) #92

Roger. If, in a perfect universe, EVERY P5 conference wanted us, then these would be my druthers:




Love the people on here that try to put UH fans ‘in their place’. All hail the great Ut and what they think of us, how dare we think of ourselves as anything but underlings


The problem is that some people who post on this site don’t live in reality. E.g. anyone who thinks the Big 10, SEC or Big 12 are realistic options.


The bigger problem imo is people like you who feel the need to police this thread when it is literally a wish list, everyone understands reality is suspended…just for this one. Exactly what I said and you still feel the need to bring your version of reality into it. Bordering on trolling…not as bad as that Ut dude but I’ve seen you around

(John m Bevil) #96

It is the off season, what else are we going to talk about, what conference wouldn’t want a presence in the city of Houston. Would it make the B12 nervous, as Switzer says, to have other conferences playing in Houston. Best bet is for UT to keep UH out of P5. However, it would be a great story for college football, just like everyone fell in love with Boise St. when they were hot. To have a G5 school, coming off a #9 draft pick in NFL, beating OU after they make the playoffs the year before, bringing in a B12 coach, new stadium, new arena, sweet 16 NCAA, playing OU again in Norman, it is set up to be a great story. The only ones who really do not like us and want to see us fail is UT.


I don’t think it’s realistic but I’m willing to fantasize about being in the best conference, the big 10.


There is nothing wrong with dreaming of a better reality.


Wow, Baylor has none of those traits but lucky them having the political clout at the time to get in.

(P5_OR_BUST) #100

You know I don’t hold it against them for being jerks. Every school has to do what’s in its best interests. They don’t owe any other school anything. I would expect and hope UH leadership would be jerks when it came to protecting and furthering UH interests.

Yes they are a state school and UH is a state school. But so is UTSA, UTEP, and a dozen other schools. Would we say it’s good they helped UTEP and UTSA join a P5, if something like that ever happens?

UH compares itself to UT and comes out looking like a little brother who we think should be looked after and nurtured by the big, powerful, wealthy UT. But what is UH is doing for the many Texas state universities that are even smaller, less wealthier than UH?

I don’t know how I’d feel if tomorrow Khator announced that UH was supporting SHSU in something, and getting nothing in return for that help and support. I suspect my attitude would just be meh. Try as much as I might, I just can’t bring myself to feel excited about anything to do with SHSU. If UH ever did anything to help lift them, my only thought would be I hope UH gets something in return.

If UH gets into a P5, it will have to be in its own merits and the relationship building being done by the current leadership. I don’t expect UT to help UH get into the Big 12, and I doubt they could stop any other P5 from adding UH, no matter how much they may abhor the idea of UH in a P5.

If you want UT support, don’t expect it for nothing. It’s now how they or anyone other athletic department or university does business. Ask tech how much advisory group to help them achieve AAU status cost them and so far all that “investment” has returned 0!