Our Administration and Invitations from P5s

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Lol. Seems appropriate, but I dunno. I find it hard to call 2 of the most storied, wealthiest, and successful programs in college sports (particularly football) asses. Maybe call them hateable or even greedy.


I really don’t have anything against OU.

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“We wouldn’t have scheduled them if we thought they were going to be good.”

Do you think we would be in the Big 12 if we hadn’t won in 2016? Because I know a lot of people who think that - Huskers, Ags, Huskies, Wolverines, Bruins, Navy grads…


I don’t even like hearing that. Ugh


Not a chance - the opposition of the Great Satan in Austin was still there! But, that’s OK; I don’t want us to be in the same conference with them anyway - ever.

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I have thought this many, many times, and have said so on this Board.

To be Proactive we should expand and improve The AAC.

And only into the Eastern and Central Time Zones. That is where the eyeballs live.

And a way to do that is to talk with the former Big East schools about returning, and then renegotiate our TV contract so they do not take such huge financial hits to leave The Big 10 and The ACC.

Far fetched? Yes? Solve our Power Conference aspirations? Yes.


Specifically, who would you pursue if you were Mike Aresco?


Even if you weren’t Mike Aresco who would you add to the AAC.


BYU and Army. You would have to make the Army/Navy game a non conference game because it is historically the last game played every year.

The new TV contract makes the BYU option feasible.


BYU and Air Force as football only.

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kick out east carolina, toolame, and tulsuck.

add BYU for football only


And that’s why I think we have a crap conference. We play teams like the ones you describe.


The Aggies think the Big 12 is a crap conference. Which always makes me laugh. The Aggies won 1 Big 12 championship and 0 SEC championships. All they did was find another conference to be mediocre in.

At least we win championships in the conference we are in. Not enough to satisfy me but at least we win them.


Explain why you think the Big 12 isn’t a crap conference.

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If we’re throwing the realism out window for this hypothetical, I think the obvious answer would be the SEC. Even starting on the lower rung of the SEC will bring in huge opponents and the recruits will quickly follow.


UH has one title in the American for football. Which is respectable. But let’s not wax lyrical about UH racking up conference titles. UH has 1 outright title in both the AAC & CUSA (2015, 2006) and a shared title from CUSA (‘96).


He is likely referring to all sports.