Possible Miami LB Transfer

(Ricardo Montano) #1

(Sam) #2

PLEASE, YES! We desperately need help at LB


i wont say desperate need leroy godfrey stepped up BIG TIME to finish out the year, and emeke has been solid for us

but he was a espn 300 lb 4 STAR…ill definitely take him!!!

im just curious if we’ll have enough scholarships…if its between him or keys…i prefer keys with a bigger need at WR

(PMM) #4

Yes…but can he play on his heels and back up quickly !

(Cary) #5

We have one left. You better believe CMA would offer if he wanted Houston.


Yes please.

(Al) #7

Would he need a scholarship if he’s already graduated? Would some other form of academic scholarship work if he walked on? Is that permitted?

(Sam) #8

I agree we don’t need OLB help, but there’s no one with experience inside. Maybe they’ll move Egbule or Godfrey or someone like Milburn or Gooden or Parish or Mutin will step up, but I would really like to have a top reserve from the ACC runner-up on the roster next season.

(Sam) #9

He would use a 'ship and it would count against the 85. I don’t know how it would work against the 25 per year. I don’t THINK it does, but I wouldn’t swear to that. And my guess is D’Onofrio has been talking to him. I think he may have been an OLB at Miami, but I would assume at 6-3, 245 he could play inside.

(Paul Marlow) #10

Would he fit under the transfer rules like Anderson where he doesn’t count toward 25, but against the 85?


He was highly recruited out of HS. And seen PT at Miami (24 games the last two years). But not the most productive (43 tackles the last two years).

Unless he works his tail off, he’s probably not walking in and becoming an all-conference player for us.

(Sam) #12

No, probably not. But he’d likely be a competent starter. Frankly, I don’t know that we have one at ILB.


He apparently blew his knee and lost a step. Rotated at SAM LB for Miami this year.

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Owens seems like a solid pick up.

For much needed depth or its possible he was behind a very good player & will step up big in Htown.

The starting MLB at Miami- Shaq Quarterman was a frosh All Am/3d team All ACC & 2nd team All ACC as a soph.

(Mike Higdon) #15

A 300 pound LB? Wow.


lol no espn has a ranking for the elite recruits called the espn 300…he is a LB = Linebacker

(Mike Higdon) #17

Well, that makes a whole lot more sense. :slight_smile:

BTW, do we have room for him?


yes, but according to people on the board. if we get him, we won’t have room for either clayton tune or lawrence keys who are big time recruits who seem to be on the UH lean…recruiting magic and moving people around will be needed to land all 3

(Patrick) #19

There’s ways to manage the scholarships to get all three guys in if we were able to land them all. We’ll also have some guys leave the program to get under 85.

(Sam) #20

Will Ja’von Shelley be back? Has he ever even been on the field?